Commercial Disinfecting Cleaning Equipment For Every Industry

Versatile steam cleaners, floorscrubbers, and UV light disinfections

Complete Industry-Specific Cleaning Solutions

Healthcare Cleaning

healthcare cleaning sector

A commercial floor cleaning machine from our range can go across healthcare floors such as Flotex and Vinyl. A floor scrubber machine is ideal to wash, scrub, dry and steam floors in a single pass.

Contract Cleaning

contract cleaners industry

We supply quality Italian floor and steam cleaners as well as vacuum and industrial cleaning machines for professional cleaning contractors and cleaning companies to provide their high standard cleaning results.

Automotive Cleaning

cleaning in automotive sector

Our automotive cleaning machines are environmentally friendly, 100% chemical-free and have low 5% water content, making them ideal as mobile car cleaning equipment for both interior and exterior detailing.

Industrial Cleaning

industrial sector

Our machines can sweep, scrub, and dry industrial floors preventing slips and falls, dust build up and debris.
Our steam vacuum cleaners can effectively blast away metal stains from industrial equipment.

Animal Care Cleaning

Animal cleaning sector

With vulnerable pets going to animal centres, shelters and kennels, it is crucial to use a chemical-free and steam vapour machine to destroy bacteria and germs present in touch point surfaces.

Education Cleaning

education sector cleaning

Our product range can cater in a variety of cleaning requirements in educational facilities, ranging from deep cleaning tiles and grouts in bathrooms to remove chewing gums and wax residues from carpets.


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