Air Conditioner Cleaning Solutions for Air Conditioning Contractors

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Learn how to deep clean and maintain air conditioners using a safe, sustainable and easy to implement process. Using our versatile steam vapour technology equipment, you can now efficiently sanitise all types of air conditioning units.

Our compact cleaning machines reduce cleaning time, effort, water and removes the need for chemical use.

Using the power of steam vapour technology, you can disintegrate dust and stains stuck inside blinds and internal parts with ease. Our range of accessories and tools allows for cleaning of high to reach places and hard to reach areas. The production of our high temperature steam vapour kills bacteria on contact.

Benefits of using Duplex steam to clean air conditioners:

  • 24 hours 7 days continuous steam: Never run out of steam. More steam equals faster cleaning time.
  • Excellent accessories and toolkit: Heavy duty and are designed to clean for many different applications and functions.
  • Powerful Steam: +180 degree Celcius steam is powerful enough to kill bacteria and remove stains within seconds


There is no downtime to cleaning as Duplex steam cleaner features automatic boiler refilling, and Duplex steam machines produces a consistent and powerful jet of 180 degrees Celcius superheated steam


With the adaptation of the lance and brush tools, it provides a different ways of cleaning and facilitate a deep cleaning and sanitsation of all surfaces


Due to the size, the Duplex air conditioner cleaning machines are easier to transport and carry around.