Apiary Cleaning Solutions

remove residual build up from honey trays in apiaries with dry steam vapour
remove dirt and built up grime from exterior surfaces of apiaries, with chemical-free high temperature steam vapoour
best way to clean bee keeping equipment without using chemicals exterior surfaces of apiaries, with chemical-free high temperature steam vapoour

Ever wondering in how to clean the apiary equipment that are difficult to clean, or that cleaning the honey extraction filters without degrading the quality and structure?

If so, why not look for compact, versatile cleaning machines that reduce cleaning time, effort, water and chemical consumption whilst producing quality cleaning results for your apiary work environment?


Look no further than Duplex Steam cleaner ranges such as Jetsteam Maxi, an incredibly powerful steamer for its size with its impressive 8 bar steam pressure combined with a hot water injection, that you can blast the dusts and stains stuck in the apiary equipment such as filters, extractors and tanks with ease.

Or with Steam Pressure, you can clean heavy duty appliances such as tanks and raw honey processing systems. Furthermore with our incredible range of accessories toolkit that comes up with our Duplex cleaning system, cleaning the apiary equipment has never been easier to complete within seconds.

Benefits of using Duplex Steam systems:
  • 24 hours 7 days continuous steam so that you can clean as many as machines in one sequence without losing valuable time.
  • Excellent accessories and toolkit: heavy duty and are designed to clean many different applications and functions.
  • Powerful Steam: 180 degree Celsius steam powerful enough to kill bacteria and remove stains within seconds


There is no downtime to cleaning as Duplex steam cleaner features automatic boiler refilling, and Duplex steam machines produces a consistent and powerful jet of 180 degrees Celcius superheated steam.


With the adaptation of the lance and brush tools, it provides a different ways of cleaning and facilitate a deep cleaning and sanitsation of all surfaces.


Due to the size, the Duplex apiary cleaning machines are easier to transport and carry around.