Portable Power- a Rechargeable Battery Fitted Water Pressure Washer that Cleans Anywhere

portable backpack mounted pressure washing system, powered by a rechargeable battery

*The colour of Aqua Tank may vary from time to time

The Aqua Tank is a portable pressure washer that comes complete with a large 16Lt water tank, a long hose, built in rechargable battery and a 12v connection. Being battery powered, the Aqua Tank really is a take anywhere compact pressure washer that is perfect a large array of cleaning applications in remote locations.

With an Aqua Tank, you can say goodbye to pressure tanks that require hand pumping or long extension leads to power. Instead the Aqua Tank provides an effortless steady stream of water as either a high pressure concentrated jet or a low pressure mist spray.

use this pressure washer anywhere you need a reliable jet of pressurised water

Some typical uses for the Aqua Pack include:

  • Equipment - cleaning down equipment
  • Marine - hosing down boats / motors
  • Automotive - mobile car detailing
  • Council - bus shelter and toilet cleaning
  • Garden - watering and weed spraying
  • Caravaning - portable shower facilities
  • Cleaners - windows and carpet pre-spray

Unique Features
Aqua Tank


Water Pressure

  • • Pressure range - 0.20 to 0.45 Mpa ( 2 to 4,5 Bar)
  • • Water Flow - 1.5 Liters a Minute
  • • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • • Powerful water jet
  • • Light mist spray
variable pressure water jet cleaner, in a portable powerful package

large 16 litre water tank capacity, with wide neck for easy replenishment and secure, snap fittings for reliable attachment

Water Tank

  • •Large 16 Litre water capacity
  • •Removable water tank to sink fill
  • •Large hole for fast easy filling
  • •Ergonomic carry handle
  • •Snap fittings for easy use

Portable Steamer

  • •Adjustable shoulder straps to carry
  • •Belt box in the back to hold hose and small items
  • •Light 8kg weight when empty
  • •Product Size 730mm High x 340mm Wide x 300mm deep
portable water spraying equipment, with adjustable carry harness, stow pocket for accessories and weighing in at only 8kg empty

pressure washer that keeps on working- with a battery that delivers reliable performance for up to 20 tank cycles in between recharges

Portable Battery

  • •12 Volt rechargable battery pod
  • •Comes with power console
  • •Lasts up to 20 cycles per charge
  • •Fast 1.5 hour charge time
  • •Charge by mains or car lighter jack

Ease of Assembly and Disassembly

The spray tank is designed with efficiency in mind - easy to dissassemble and assemble quickly.

efficiently designed tank and assembly components, makes dismantling and assembling the components easy

fully featured gauge for remaining power readout, and an audible alarm to warn of falling voltage and impending shutdown

High Precision Voltmeter

A high-precision voltmeter and low-battery alarm circuit for precise and clear indication of battery voltage. The alarm will give warning when battery voltage falls below 10,8 - 10,5 V to prevent against low-power and contribute to the extended service life of battery.

User Friendly Design

Designed to be user-friendly to allow for being carried on back or on a trailer. When being carried on a trailer, the height of handle bar (telescopic handle) can be varied depending on the human height for easy operation.

variable handle height for easy transport, and easily stowable, the aqua tank has been designed with handling in mind

light weight and an easily transportable rolling chassis make the Aqua Tank easy to move between jobs, as well as load and unload

Transportable and Lightweight

The Aqua Tank comes with a micro diaphragm pump in compact size allowing for high adhesion ratio, reliable overload protection and in-built roller wheels allowing lightweight ease of transport

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Technical specs


Aqua Tank

Type Knapsack and trailer
Overall Size 240 x 300 x 730mm
Net Weight 8.3 kg
Capacity of Tank 16 L
Pump type Micro diaphragm pump
Working Pressure 0.20 - 0.45 Mpa (2-4.5 Bar / 65.3 Psi)
Pump Pressure 0.45 - 0.50 Mpa (4.5-5 Bar / 72.5 Psi)
Battery 12 V- 7 Ah (fully enclosed)

Input - AC: 100 - 240 V (50/60 Hz)
Output -DC: 12V, 2A

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