Bathroom Cleaning Equipment

Are you looking for cleaning equipment that will clean deodorise and sanitise all areas of bathrooms, washrooms and toilet facilities quickly? As a commercial cleaner you'd know that it's important to have amenities ready for public use as soon as possible after the cleaners have gone through.
The bathroom cleaning equipment featured here, is safe to use on every surface, without exception. Confidently clean tiled bathroom floors, walls, hand basins, taps, touchpoints, toilets, urinals and mirrors. Hand dryer machine exteriors can be cleaned as well as counter tops. All featured products are powered by super heated dry steam vapour- using the same boilers and generators found in our commercial cleaning equipment. So they're built tough- and with the capacity to keep on going over a number of shift changes without layover time.

Ideal for Motels, Hostels, Aged Care and Hospitals

Sanitise bathrooms in accommodation and care facilities quickly with the dirt and grime blasting properties of high powered steam. With an exit temperature of around 160 degrees Celsius, the jet of steam vapour destroys any bacteria immediately on contact. This prevents foul odours from developing. If you clean commercial accommodation facilities, you'll find the equipment reduces your "per room turnaround" because the steam does a better job in far less time than the traditional method of spray bottles, rags and mops. Rapid turnaround of motel rooms is essential, especially when guests check out late and new arrivals are waiting to check in! The low moisture content of our machines' superheated dry steam vapour means motel rooms will be ready quicker because everything takes less time to clean and even less time to dry!

Safe on All Bathroom Surfaces

All our machines are completely safe for cleaning and sanitising all bathroom surfaces. The superheated dry steam vapour won't harm paint, it's safe to use on ceramic tiles, porcelain vanities and toilets, enamel shower bases, basins and baths- as well as ornate taps, towel racks and mirrors. Use the equipment to sterilise touch points with a single pass- knowing that all dirt is eradicated and any microbial life is destroyed once the steam contacts the surface being cleaned.

No Chemicals- No Allergic Reactions

Our machines achieve outstanding results cleaning bathrooms, harnessing the raw dirt-cutting power of dry steam vapour. This means no chemical odours or residual smells- and no complaints or adverse reactions from people with allergies. Steam is water in its purest form- and as such answers the question of how to clean and sanitise bathrooms effectively without leaving lingering odours or smells.

Customise for Your Workflow

A range of fittings are available for all our machines. These accessories have been developed in order provide best results for removing mould from bathrooms, getting rid of rust stains where water has leaked over time and rust has seeped down a floor or onto floor tiles. There are also brushes to use when the bathroom has been neglected for a long time and the level of accumulated dirt and soiling is so heavy, a bit of extra leverage is required. Brushes, accessories and fittings can be swapped easily, and are supplied as kits, which can be bought together with our bathroom cleaning equipment.


commercial steam mop for cleaning bathrooms

This remarkable steam mop does it differently! Instead of recycling dirty water like traditional mop and bucket systems, the Thermoglide uses replaceable microfibre cloths. and continuous steam vapour to kill bacteria and clean too.

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Jetvac Junior

clean bathroom fittings, showers, floors and baths, with this powerful cleaning machine

Power it up, and the Jetvac Junior is ready in under 4 minutes. A 7 litre boiler- with the added feature of detergent injection- make full use of the powerful 1400w wet-dry vaccum motor. Dirt is emulsified then extracted, leaving a clean surface.

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Jetsteam Maxi

bathroom sanitising equipment designed for contiuous use commercially

The Jetsteam Maxi is compact- yet amazingly powerful with a continuous steam supply. Featuring the latest True-Temp technology to guard against probe failure, you're getting one mighty workhorse for any commercial clean.

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Jetvac Eco

robust, powerful 4 bar steam pressure cleaner for commercial use in bathrooms

Got a cleaning business with a small client base? If you're a startup contract cleaner, the Jetvac Eco will give you 90 minutes of cleaning in between refills. Its 4 bar steam pressure will get the job done, at an entry-level price.

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Bathroom Toilet Hygiene Cleaning Solutions


How to Clean Your Bathroom

Bathroom Tiles and Grout Cleaning

Find out more! Request information or speak with us to find out about the range of commercial bathroom cleaning equipment we offer.
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