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Industrial Floor Sweepers: Revolutionising Cleaning Efficiency

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Are you in the world of contract cleaning, managing commercial or industrial spaces, or overseeing facility maintenance? If so, you're no stranger to the daily challenges of maintaining a clean and safe environment. Dust, debris, and spills can accumulate quickly, making it a daunting task for your cleaning team. However, there's a solution that can supercharge your team's productivity and make your life easier: industrial floor sweepers.

In this article, we'll explore how this solution can revolutionise your cleaning process, meet the specific requirements of your industry, and help you find the right product to elevate your cleaning game.


Mechanical Cleaning Equipment: Revolution for Every Business

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Cleaning is an indispensable part of maintaining hygiene and safety across various industries. Whether you manage a commercial establishment, an educational institution, a hotel, or any other public or private organisation, cleanliness is paramount. In today's world, the role of mechanical cleaning equipment has taken centre stage in the pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness. In this article, we will explore the world of mechanical cleaning equipment, its advantages, and how it can benefit your business or institution.


Elevate Hygiene Standards in Butchery Kitchen Cleaning

Hygiene Standards in Butchery Kitchen Cleaning

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In the world of culinary craftsmanship, butchers are entrusted with the art of delivering premium quality cuts of meat to our tables. Behind the scenes, in the heart of every butchery, is a careful choreography of knives, boards, and raw meat that demands impeccable hygiene practices. In this article, we delve into the world of butchery kitchen cleaning and hygiene, exploring the best practices that not only ensure a pristine workspace but also safeguard public health and reputation.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Checklist for a Spotless Commercial Space

A Checklist for Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning 

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Maintaining a clean and inviting environment is crucial for any business, especially those in the contract cleaning, education, hospitality, and facility management sectors. A well-maintained carpet not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a healthier indoor environment. Whether you're a contract cleaner, a facility manager, or a hospitality industry professional, having a comprehensive carpet steam cleaning checklist is a must. In this article, we'll guide you through the essential steps of a thorough commercial carpet cleaning process, ensuring that your space remains pristine and welcoming.

Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning: Best Practices to Ensure Effective Result

Learn more on the best practices in commercial carpet steam cleaning.

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Carpets are an essential component of any commercial space, adding a touch of sophistication and comfort. However, with high foot traffic and everyday wear and tear, commercial carpets can quickly accumulate dirt, stains, and allergens. This is where carpet steam cleaners come to the rescue. In this article, we will explore the best cleaning equipment and practices for achieving effective results with commercial carpet cleaning machines.

Steam cleaning system for food preparation areas

Maintaining Food Safety with Steam Vapour


In the fast-paced world of the food manufacturing industry, maintaining impeccable cleanliness and food hygiene standards is of utmost importance. Traditional cleaning methods may fall short of delivering the level of hygiene required in commercial kitchens and preparation areas. However, the advent of advanced steam cleaner technology has revolutionised the way we clean and sanitise food-related environments. In this article, we will explore the effectiveness and versatility of steam systems for commercial kitchens, and how they contribute to enhanced product safety.

Three challenges in cinema cleaning


Cinema floor cleaning equipment, cinema steam cleaning machines, cinema steam cleaning bathrooms/toilets,  cinema cleaning solutions, cinema cleaning tips, cinema cleaning best practices, cinema cleaning training, cinema spot and stains carpet cleaning, cinema upholstery cleaning.



Maintaining cleanliness in cinemas is crucial for providing customers with a pleasant and hygienic experience. However, cinema cleaning managers face numerous challenges while ensuring the premises are kept clean.

This article emphasises the importance of cleanliness in cinemas, discussing the necessary cleaning equipment and the best solutions to address these challenges.

Four challenges in Supermarket & Retail Store Cleaning


Commercial cleaning, All-in-one floor cleaner, Duplex 420 Lithium Hybrid, Chemical free, Time & water saving, Easy-to-use.



In this article, we will discuss 4 common challenges in supermarket and retail store cleaning, analyse the causes of each, and provide solutions.

 Challenges of cleaning retail and supermarket floors


Key Insight:

  1. Cleaning with the wrong products and excessive chemicals will result in a sticky floor.
  2. Damp floors will risk the safety of your customers and employees.
  3. Details make a difference.
  4. An efficient cleaning machine can save you both time and money.


Maximising your Automotive Cleaning Efficiency with Steam Vapour


Auto detailing, Car detailing, Car wash, Car cleaning, Professional detailing, Interior cleaning, Exterior cleaning, Efficient detailing equipment


This blog discusses how to use steam vapour cleaning instead of traditional cleaning methods to maximise efficiency in automotive cleaning.

 High thermal sanitisation of car interior and cleaning inside automotive vehicle


As an automotive business owner, it is important to increase cleaning efficiency in order to ensure a return on investment. However, traditional cleaning methods can be time-consuming and may not be enough to remove all dirt and grime, particularly in hard-to-reach areas. Furthermore, the chemicals used in traditional car cleaning can potentially damage the surfaces of vehicles. This is where steam vapour cleaning comes in as a game-changer.


3 Ways to Improve Healthcare Workplace Safety


Healthcare cleaning, Disinfection, All-in-one floor cleaner, Duplex 420 Lithium Hybrid, Chemical free, Time & water saving, Easy-to-use 



In this article, we will discuss several workplace safety concerns in the healthcare industry that may be caused by improper cleaning, and demonstrate how to cope with them.

 tired healthcare worker from tedious cleaning programme


Maintaining a clean environment is crucial for both patients and staff in the healthcare industry. However, comprehensive and frequent cleaning may raise a number of safety issues.

Choosing the Most Effective Methods for Removing Chewing Gum from Different Surfaces


Chewing gum removal, Carpet gum removal, Furniture gum removal, Floor gum removal, Gum cleaning techniques, Gum removal products 


In this blog, we will discuss various methods to remove chewing gum from different surfaces, analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each, and determine the most effective way.


Take advantage of Duplex's 2022 Christmas Offers

Take advantage of Christmas 2022 offers with Duplex Cleaning Machines

Christmas is one of, if not the most popular time of the year for organisations to invest in retailers to offer promotional deals. It’s a time when people are looking to buy gifts for their loved ones and also get something for themselves, so it's the perfect time for you to stock up the cleaning inventory and upgrade your old gear.


Duplex Lithium Hybrid launched on the product launch event

Lithium Hybrid 2022

Australian renowned cleaning and disinfection innovation supplier, Duplex Cleaning Machines, has just launched its latest generation of smart floor cleaners in Australia.

Duplex Lithium Hybrid is said to be ‘just the beginning of many more ranges' of Lithium products to come.


“This is an innovation that many of our customers have been waiting for,” said Murray McDonald, director of Duplex Cleaning Machines.

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Know About Duplex's Next-Generation Floor Cleaner 2022

New Product Launch coming soon in September 2022

What we’ve all been waiting for: The Latest Generation of Duplex Floor Cleaning Machines. For those who are familiar with Duplex Floor Machines, there is more to this than the rest of the Duplex floor cleaner that we have been using for the last few decades.

It will be launched in the month of September, and what we are able to tell you now is there are a few solid reasons why this new Duplex floor cleaner is a one-of-a-kind:

Claim Instant Tax Write Off for Your Business This June 2022

Instant Tax Write Off

Instant tax-asset write-off is now available to be claimed!

The Australian government's instant asset write-off incentive allows small businesses to claim back purchases of up to $150,000 (up from $30,000) that ends on June 2022.

National Aged Care Providers Encouraged to Improve Safe Quality Aged Care for Elderly and Vulnerable Residents with Extended Support From The Australian Government

Aged Care Suppot Rebate

Businesses in NSW looking to upgrade their cleaning system can claim a rebate from NSW SafeWork this year.

The Australian Government has announced an extension to their current funding for aged care providers nationwide to help them manage their COVID-19 prevention and resident care program. This program will reimburse eligible aged care providers for eligible expenditures incurred in managing the direct impacts of COVID-19.

These approved expenditures incurred on managing the impacts of COVID-19 can include purchasing and using cleaning and disinfection technologies that are beneficial for the long term.

Complete Thermal Sanitation, Floor Cleaning and UV Disinfection Solutions for Caravan Parks and Campsites

Caravan Park rapid disinfection solutions

Did you know that bathroom, kitchen and toilet are the most frequently visited areas within the campground, campsites and caravans?

Cleaning public caravan park facilities including bathroom, kitchen and restroom with limited chemicals is necessary to safeguard nature – however, if you are limited to human resources, you need to replace all those time-consuming mop-and-bucket tools.

Steam vapour cleaner is designed to destroy germ and bacteria quickly and thoroughly. Less water is needed, no chemical is required. Your campsite and caravan can be cleaned in less time while simultaneously meeting the environmental standard for hygiene and cleanliness.

Swimming and Aquatic Centre Cleaning and Disinfection Solutions

swimmming centre rapid disinfection solutions

Today, with the presence of a pandemic, regular cleaning and disinfection became one crucial part in all types of public spaces, including swimming and fitness centres.

There are many infections that could occur in these facilities. Transmission of pathogens, viruses, or micro-organisms such as germs often occurs also when these superbugs are introduced to water, mainly by bathers.

Not to mention the consistent number of crowds coming in and out on a day-to-day basis increasing the risk of exposure to viruses such as coronavirus. Keeping the water, air, equipment, surfaces, and floors clean became an even more demanding task.

Surface and Floor Disinfection in Beauty Care Centre

beauty centre rapid disinfection solutions

Most beauty care centres are still recovering since the pandemic, so we encourage that all beauticians and business owners to ensure COVID safe measures are in place still remains the utmost priority this year.

In addition, the beauty care clinics can also provide a greater deal of confidence to your patrons and staff, by ensuring the highest hygiene standards in today’s contamination-risk workplace,which is a fundamental priority.

What could be the most effective, cost efficient way to maintain cleanliness at beauty care premises?

Disinfection technologies for gymnasium owners

gym rapid disinfection solutions

Stage 4 lockdown perhaps became one nightmare, unfortunate event for any gymnasium and fitness centre owners since the pandemic started. But to overlook hygiene during closures is not a better option - during a moment like this, some may look into improving the way they do their business and maintaining a better standard of hygiene.

What could be the most effective, cost efficient way to maintain cleanliness at your premises?

How to provide a better safety and hygiene for patrons and workers in your hospitality venue

restaurant and cafes rapid disinfection solutions

Outbreaks can happen anytime - a recent Delta outbreaks in two key major cities in Australia last July has enforced close-down at some affected sites, proving its significant impact.

Hospitality industry, with its consistent crowd in and out on a day-to-day basis, may increase higher chances of exposure within the premises. It is crucial to regularly deep clean and disinfect these facilities to ensure the safety of a big number of crowds.

Tips on Sanitisation and Disinfection on High Touch Areas in Schools

school rapid disinfection solutions

Unlike major healthcare facilities, students and staff are not examined to determine whether they are infectious or not. Deep cleaning schools involve a careful examination at several high-touch surfaces prone to germs and virus, which could stem from flu, cough, diarrhoea and even wounds. Determining the key hot spots and how these areas contribute to the hygiene of a school is a paramount matter to consider for the school principal as well as the cleaning supervisor in the facility.


Rapid Disinfection for Cinema and Theatre Venues

cinema rapid disinfection

Ensuring COVIDsafe measures are in place still remains the utmost priority this year with improved and integrated cleaning practices.

Provide a greater deal of confidence to your patrons and staff with a better disinfection system for your cinema and theatre venues.


Hair and Beauty Salon Essential Hygiene and Disinfection Checklist

salon cleaning application

In the post-COVID-19 era, as we are embracing Covid-normal life, most businesses are increasingly aware of the hygiene and cleanliness on their facilities. It is very crucial for hair salons and beauty centres to implement hygiene checklist procedures to comply with COVID-19 prevention regimes and regulations to ensure the patrons have confidence in attending in the shops.


The Importance of Disinfection and Regular Cleaning in Horeca and Function Venues

Pubs and Bars surfaces cleaning

It’s commonly accepted that lack of proper hygiene, insalubrity and unclean places are the perfect spawning ground for germs, viruses and other bacteria. As such, horeca, pubs, bars and similar venues where people come together and socialize, can be risky places if they are unclean.

If we want to contain the new Coronavirus and stop it from spreading for instance, we should redouble our efforts in educating people on how to prevent infection.

How to Efficiently Clean and Disinfect Yoga Studio

Pubs and Bars surfaces cleaning

It’s commonly accepted that lack of proper hygiene, insalubrity and unclean places are the perfect spawning ground for germs, viruses and other bacteria. As such, pubs, bars and similar venues where people come together and socialize, can be risky places if they are unclean.

If we want to contain the new Coronavirus and stop it from spreading for instance, we should redouble our efforts in educating people on how to prevent infection.

Ensuring hygiene in a confectionery manufacturing environment with steam vapour

Chocolate Confectionery plant facility surfaces cleaning

Did you know that manufacturing confectionery often leaves residues and wax on conveyor belts or on processing machinery? These days, confectionery manufacturers are increasingly becoming aware and concerned with the quality of their products in the lead up to Christmas.

Given that Christmas month tends to be a busy period for confectionery shops and manufacturers, customers are regularly stocking their inventory with new confectionery as a means of Christmas giving.

Key Principles to Cutting Down Brewery Cleaning Cycle

Brewery Sanitation and Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitising in a brewing facility is necessary to remove deposits that may cause beer spoilage, while the cleaning materials themselves can also be a potential hazard. Whether you are a commercial brewery owner or a home brewer, in order to maintain hygiene safely and effectively, you should address the following cleaning principles.

Clean Upholstery with these Cleaning Tricks

Upholstery Cleaning

There are different ways to regularly clean upholstery, depending on the type of upholstery used in domestic or commercial premises. Sofas, dining chairs, cushions, mattresses and curtains have to be cleaned regularly, so as to ensure quality of use and extend product life. Upholstery cleaning is also important to maintain and improve air quality, in keeping your environment clean and healthy for many years to come.

Sterilising Cheese Factory The Eco-Friendly Way

Cheese Manufacturing Cleaning

There is a lot to watch for all the dairy farmers - proper sanitation, food safety, and personal hygiene practices which are important to protect consumers from getting ill and protect the cheese quality for the business. Hence they often found themselves stuck in the same issue: to ease the process, dangerous chemicals and excessive water are being used. Not with our very own cleaning system, though.

How to get a cleaner start to the new term next year

Clean School Classroom and Facilities

We are getting towards the end of the year and would like to give you a head start in planning the end-of-year school cleaning over the summer break.

As Christmas festive season is nearing upon us and the long summer break looms ahead for schools across Australia, it is imperative to effect a thorough cleaning regime throughout your school facility to ensure that there are no bacterial or germ infestations due to humid and warm conditions.

At Duplex Cleaning Machines, we have been specialising in commercial cleaning machines for almost 30 years. In this time we have provided cleaning solutions to countless schools Australia wide.

Improve your venue's hygiene with specialised graffiti and gum removal equipment

Gum removal from public spaces and venues

Christmas is almost upon us and many public venues are gearing up with their Christmas decorations in the lead up to Christmas day.

There is a prevailing emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness to please and impress patrons, whether it be shopping malls, retail stores, city precincts or even sporting centres.

Some venues can also attract the incidence of vandalism in the form of graffiti or litter, such as chewing gum, that can significantly detract from the appearance of a venue.

Cleaning Churches and Worship Centres for the Christmas festive season

Curtain Cleaning with steam vapour machinery in Worship centre

Churches and worship centres, like any crowded public places, can get dirty in no time. This tends to be even more problematic with the upcoming Christmas festive season when everyone will gather for religious celebrations. In this context, keeping your church clean is ultimately an issue of public safety.

An Effective Guide to Keeping Shopping Malls Clean and Hygienic

Largle floor cleaning with Duplex floor cleaner

Every day, shopping malls are subject to a high rate of foot traffic. Effective cleaning is crucial to create a positive impression on the people who use malls for shopping, entertainment and dining, or even to pass some leisure time.

Four techniques for Better Carpet Cleaning with a Floor Scrubber

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

With busy lifestyles these days, no one has the time to apply labour intensive efforts to clean their carpets. Thanks to technological advancements, the hard work in cleaning carpets in the business and home property sectors has been eliminated by high-tech cleaning machines, such as floor scrubbers. They will save you time and labour, as well as providing optimum cleaning results.

Top Six Cleaning Challenges for Swimming Pool or Leisure Centre

Challenges for cleaning swimming pools and leisure centres

With hot weather just around the corner, swimming pools and other leisure centres are buckling up to keep up with the crowd. Don’t turn this good news into something bad without having the right equipment ready to deep clean before the peak season.

Top 3 Worst Obstacles In Hospitality Industry towards the Spring Racing Festival season (and how to do a quick deep cleaning!)

Restaurant Cleaning For Racing Festival Season

It’s the month of The Spring Racing Season - and we hope you are ready with your marketing efforts, getting more bookings and fabulous private luncheons to glamour up your dining hall.

Conveyor Belt Cleaning Challenges

Conveyor Cleaning Challenges Faced by Every Factory Worker

You know that your most important task is to ensure the hygiene of your conveyor belt hygiene. Once it isn’t working properly, it will affect the entire production process off the schedule, resulting in you lose in money as well as productivity.

Prevent this by understanding what works for your conveyor belt cleaning system. Regular monitoring and measuring the result will help to find problems as well as solutions. If you are still using the manual cleaning system, it is probably time for you to get rid of the old method and shift to the new cleaning system that does not only do good for your production but also the earth.

Easy Carpet Cleaning in Hotels

Carpet Stain Removal Deep Cleaning

Each year, several kilograms of soil can accumulate in and under a carpet.

But to ensure the carpet being cleaned all times, hotels have to spend extra expenditure on carpet cleaning every so often, not to mention the regular twice a year or thrice a year professional deep cleaning around the halls, rooms and corridors.

Three cleaning challenges in public venues (and how to solve them!)

Public Venues Cleaning Supplies

Whether it is an open or closed area, the public venue requires a good amount of cleaning -- especially where events and festivals are happening. Some areas could be challenging to clean, yet the key is using a different approach to cleaning and replace all the traditional methods.

Veterinary Clinic Cleaning with Steam Vapour

Veterinary Animal Care Equipment Cleaning Supplies

What could be the most challenging thing to do in maintaining the veterinary clinic? One of the most critical parts lies in hygiene and infection control procedures.

Disinfecting veterinary clinic is not an easy task. There are lots of areas that need regular attention – from the waiting room, examination room, treatment room, cages and pens.

Campground and Caravan Park Bathroom Cleaning with Steam Vapour

Campground Caravan Park Bathroom Equipment Cleaning Supplies

Let’s face it – campers always leave the worst things you could find in the campground or caravan park. They always long for a reconnection with nature yet eventually leaving enormous waste behind that campsites are responsible for.

Smart Bakery Cleaning with Steam and Microfibre

Bakery Equipment Cleaning Supplies

Whether or not you are new to bakery business – you know that one of the biggest challenges of running the store is maintaining the sanitation of all the areas. Bacteria and germs can be easily appearing anywhere and contaminating your bread quality. If you fail to maintain hygiene standards you could face closing down in just a flick of time.

Why Every Gym and Fitness Club Should Have Steam Cleaner?

Gymnasium Equipment Cleaning Supplies

Maintaining hygiene is a vital part of your commercial gym business. Some case studies found several gymnasiums had to face closure due to lack of hygiene and cleanliness.

Conventional mopping system should have been replaced already as it does not demonstrate an efficient cleaning system. This method is subject to human errors and extremely time-consuming. Eventually, after hours spent in manual cleaning, all the harmful germs and pathogens from the equipment, hard floor, steam bath areas, and walls are still going to be there.

Dental Equipment Efficient Hygiene Control: Tips and Tricks

Dental Equipment Cleaning Supplies

Dental equipment are of the highest quality and the most critical part in dental operations. They must be well-kept through a safe and efficient cleaning process to achieve its maximum return. The hygiene and cleanliness can protect your investment, as well as to fight against infections – protecting you and your patients from bacteria, germs, and viruses. Dental equipment can spread disease quickly as they often penetrate or in direct contact with patients’ soft tissues.

House Cleaning: Benefits and Applications of Steam Cleaner

Domestic Cleaning Solutions

Every surface in your house can be cleaned effectively and efficiently by using steam cleaners. If you have not included a steam cleaner in your cleaning routine yet, you certainly have missed the great advantages of steam cleaning that we have all been enjoying for years. In this article, we put together the benefits of using steam cleaners and the best ways to use it.

Simple Innovations for Housekeepers

Innovation in cleaning industry may have ever confused us, to some extent, whether they are applicable, affordable, and whether they can actually contribute to positive changes. It takes an extra work to be able to look for hidden value in each existing innovations – but we have summarized some essential innovations that you might want to consider:

Easter Business Cleaning Tips (Plus Our Eggs-Clusive Trade-In!)

Nothing is more egg-citing than Easter weekend in the middle of the busy week. However, make sure that you will not be coming back to work with a dirty office. These are some cleaning tips before your Easter holiday:

Labour Day - A day that we drop tools and celebrate life

The Labour Day is known to the Western world, including Australians, as an annual public holiday celebrated across Australia. The Labour Day term was coined when it was discovered in the mid-late 19th century where all workers won the freedom to reinforce eight hours of labour in order to support the balance of life that allows eight hours of recreation and eight hours of rest.

Things You Should Be Aware When Hiring Contract Cleaning Companies

Contract Cleaners

Business owners need to constantly be on their budget, at the same time ensuring your goals are met. Maintaining cleanliness is one of your priority, but leaving it to your staffs don’t seem to be promising. If you think of outsourcing the task to contract cleaners, we totally understand. 

How to Easily Clean the Floor of Your Restaurant’s Dining Area

Restaurant floor cleaning machinery

Cleanliness is one of the critical factors you have to consider if you want to attract customers to your restaurant. You must not only ensure that the food supply is safe from contamination but also keep the dining area spotless.

The Easy Way to Degrease a Commercial Kitchen

Degreasing a commercial kitchen with steam vacuum cleaner

Keeping the kitchen clean is essential for any company in the food processing or service industry. Meeting strict sanitation standards is must; however, it can certainly be a challenge. A powerful steam vacuum cleaner like the Jetvac Inox can definitely help you with that and here’s the reason why.


Cleaning and Disinfection of Hospital Floors - The Best Methods

In a hospital setting, everything from the rooms to the floors should be thoroughly cleaned. After all, the various environmental surfaces such as floors can be a breeding ground for a huge number of bacterias that causes human acquired infections. Needless to say, certain methods should be conducted in order to properly clean and disinfect the whole hospital floor.

These methods are as follows:


How do Restaurants Clean their Floors - Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning your restaurant floor is incredibly important as it helps prevent contaminations and bacteria build-up while keeping patrons safe. However, with a lot of things to clean, it can often be difficult to remember all of the cleaning tasks you should take care of and how often should you do the cleaning. To make things easier, I’ve prepared a restaurant cleaning checklist for you.


Five reasons to become a distributor

5 Reasons to Become a Duplex Distributor

Starting the year fresh in 2018 has been the top priority for some of us, most of us want to earn a six-figure per annum, and realistically that is possible with Duplex Business opportunity to choose your dream, have that balanced lifestyle and work at flexible hours. “Work hard and play hard” should be a motto for you to get started in a new enterprise, said Murray McDonald, Director of Duplex Cleaning Machines.


Five reasons on why you should be a Duplex Distributor are simple and straightforward with a business model that had proven itself over many years for many individuals across the regions in Australia. Explore this incentive possibility with us and join the Duplex family.

How to turn your passion for cleaning into a business

How turn your passion for cleaning into a profitable lifetime business

Turn your passion in cleanliness into profitable cleaning business opportunity


Imagine a business that makes the world a cleaner place. Starting your own business is always tricky and reaching success is a treacherous but rewarding path. If you are to run your own business in the cleaning industry, you need the following things:

  • The capital depending on your requirements

  • Business strategies to promote your services

  • Advanced, multi-tasking equipment to live up to expectations

  • Commitment and professionalism

  • The mindset of a winner

All these criteria play a significant role in defining your success as a future business owner and director especially, in the cleaning business.

Duplex eco-friendly cleaning equipment

Duplex provides eco-friendly cleaning equipment:
Cleaning without the use of chemicals

Duplex provides eco-friendly cleaning equipment


The approach to green cleaning preserves our environment. Here is why it’s essential to use chemical-free green cleaning equipment. It is vital, not only for the environment, but also for the safety of cleaners, who cleans the waste to keep the world from further pollution and bacterial infestation.

Furthermore, steam cleaning technology is a green cleaning method that uses steam vapour, the most preferred disinfecting agent.

Why should we use green-friendly cleaning equipment?

  • Green cleaning products are non-acidic, will not harm skin, preventing inhalation of toxic and eliminating inflammation.

  • Reduction of chemical use will reduce the toxic waste residues in the air, water and environment in which this approach will enrich the health and wellbeing of people.

  • The chemical residual used in the conventional cleaning techniques can be very harmful to the skin, eyes and respiratory system.

  • Conventional chemical products contain strong smell that causes a headache to some people who are not able to tolerate strong odor.

Duplex Eco Friendly Cleaning Equipment: Clean without Chemical

Become a distributor with Duplex

Clean safely to save our environment. Why is it really important to use chemical-free green cleaning equipment or products? Well, it is important, not only for the environment but also for the safety of cleaners who are cleaning the waste to keep the world out of germs.

Top 4 benefits of using a steam vapour for bathroom cleaning

bathroom cleaning equipment

Bathroom cleaning should be done with the right workflow in mind. Most people don’t view it that way, because they cannot distinguish between amateur and professional cleaning. But the differences are there. You may have heard about steam vapour bathroom cleaning equipment before, but you never knew what that referred to.

These are commercial tools that have been customised for bathroom cleaning applications. They are meant for cleaning companies or businesses that are looking for better cleaning results, as well as a high standard of hygiene. Some of the benefits that come with using these machines include:

How to clean in a bathroom in under 4 minutes

4 minute bathroom cleaning

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time cleaning the bathroom. Nevertheless, it needs to be done, otherwise mould will start forming, along with bacteria.

But can you clean your bathroom in a timely manner, without having to spend hours cleaning, scrubbing and washing? As a matter of fact, you can do it in as little as under 4 minutes.

Five ways to deep clean bathrooms

five ways to deep clean bathroom

A lot of people don’t enjoy the task of bathroom cleaning. Many people outsource to contract cleaners, and those who do conduct their own cleaning, only do it superficially and as fast as possible.

However, the more thorough the cleaning process is, the cleaner it will actually be, not just a “visual” clean. With the right use of bathroom cleaning equipment there are 5 essential steps you need to take into account:

How to eliminate risks when starting a cleaning business

starting cleaning biz

Finding the best home based business opportunity is difficult and it is even more difficult to keep afloat or even make it successful. This is because there are a lot of aspects you need to pay attention to. Every business has its risks and rewards and every business owner’s goal is to minimise the risks and maximise the gains.

But in order to eliminate risks, you first need to identify them. A home based cleaning business is comfortable, because it usually requires low investments, depending on how fast you want to get big. Being cautious will eventually pay off, because it will allow you to assess, analyse and prevent the risks associated with this industry. And prevention never hurts.

Three ways to deep clean kitchen floors

kitchen stainless steel equipment detailing

People usually tend to think cleaning the kitchen floor is an easy task. A simple mop and bucket job.

However, the truth is that the cleaning process is more difficult that most might realize. Not to mention it has to be done regularly, because the more sanitised the kitchen environment and the more efforts we put into the cleaning process, the easier it will be to maintain the hygiene.

How to clean commercial kitchen floors without chemicals

kitchen tiles cleaning with vacuum

Forget using chemicals. When we are talking about using them in the kitchen, we have a whole new problem on our hands. Going chemical-free means one thing: it is time to start considering professional floor cleaning machines.

But what do these bring new to the table and why have they become so popular among contract cleaners and regular individuals alike? The answer is pretty simple: they work faster, they provide better results, are overall more reliable and, most importantly, are chemical-free.

Top 4 benefits of using a floor scrubber for kitchen cleaning

kitchen floor cleaning

Choose the path of least resistance.

Using chemicals to clean your kitchen might pay off in terms of cleaning it, but it does have its downside. This is why a lot of professionals refrain from chemical usage and, instead, opt for a faster, more comfortable and equally effective alternative: the use of floor cleaning machines.

How to start a cleaning business in Australia

starting up home based cleaning business

Putting together your first business is tricky.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, that’s a given. You need talent and passion when going for this path and not everyone has them. You may have noticed I said nothing about hard work and know-how. That is because this comes with education. The first two, however, have to come naturally.

But once you’ve set your mind to go for it, what is the best home based business opportunity you can settle on? One of the easiest, most comfortable and less demanding is the cleaning business. It doesn’t take much to master it, as long as you gain some knowledge on the matter. So, what do you need to do to get ready for the job and act and look professional?

How to make the most money from your cleaning business

How to make the most money from your cleaning business

Becoming an entrepreneur can be a major step. When you are looking for a business opportunity from home, it may seem like you are walking into the unknown, competition and a lot of risks. However, if you start your own business with the backing of an establish brand, then you can have peace of mind.

I know what you’re thinking – “But established brands have large franchise fees”. This isn’t necessarily the case. There are business opportunities that allow you to purchase “packages” and have your own brand, business operation and running. They can help “back you” through national marketing, sales advice and more.

How to dry steam clean upholstery and fabrics

How to dry steam clean upholstery fabrics

Why is steam cleaning overall better for your upholstery?

You have a lot of cleaning options for your everyday upholstery, but only one for the more delicate fabrics – dry steam based commercial cleaning equipment.

Dry steam cleaning has a large application use, which, when done right, can sanitise, remove stains, animal hair, pathogens and unwanted odours altogether. But in order for you to pull that off, you need to know how to approach the process.

How to clean upholstery without chemicals

How to clean upholstery without chemicals

In regards to cleaning upholstery, the use of chemicals can do you more harm than good. Different substances can pose a serious risk to your upholstery, especially if we are talking about sensitive materials.

Commercial cleaning equipment should always be your “go to” solution for any type of clean, and in particular a chemical-free product.

You need to opt for material-friendly methods for cleaning your upholstery, without damaging it in the process. Avoiding chemicals and getting results doesn’t need to be tricky and it can be done if you know what you are doing.

3 Steps to Efficient Carpet Cleaning

three steps to efficient carpet cleaning

Dirt and stubborn stains on carpet can occur in many ways. Whether you are spending time with kids or pets in the home, or because you accidently spilt your wine - dirt and accidents happen. A clean carpet adds to the peaceful atmosphere of your room. Hence, it is important to prevent dusts, fleas and bugs from moving in and disrupting a healthy living environment.

So, how do you clean efficiently clean carpet?

Well, technology has now made it easy for us. Though vacuum and different odour removal mixtures are effective, different carpet cleaning equipment will ease your work significantly.

How to deep clean carpets with steam vapour

floor cleaning machine for carpets

If you are anxious about dirt and debris getting stuck deep within your carpet then steam vapour cleaning will be the best option for you. You need carpet cleaning equipment that can quickly clean, dry and sanitise your carpet surface. In addition, finding one that requires only water and no chemicals is even better.

How you can start a cleaning business with minimal investment

starting up cleaning business opportunity

There are many areas to go into when looking at start a cleaning business. There is residential to office cleaning to industrial cleaning. Comparatively, it is easier to start residential cleaning as there are less complex applications that may need doing, such as ones that are required when cleaning a hospital or factory. Home based cleaning businesses require less equipment to operate and staff. It is possible to start a residential cleaning business without large investment.

Why contract cleaners should adopt a steam vapour process

Contract cleaners should adopt a steam vapour process

With any contract cleaning process, ensuring you are cleaning in the most efficient and effective way is crucial. Steam vapour cleaning is a method that is fast and kills bacteria and dissolves dirt and grime on contact. Steam vapour is generated by a specialised steam cleaning machine. When the boiler heats up the water to a certain point of +180 degrees Celsius it emits a steam vapour that is used to sanitise and deodorise the surface. Chemicals are no longer required and the water usage is very minimal, sometimes as little as a glass of water to steam vapour clean and entire bathroom in under 5 minutes.

The fastest way to clean floors for contract cleaners

floor cleaner in the floors

The floor may be the last to get cleaned during a top down cleaning job, but it’s one of the most important applications of the cleaning process. You can have spotless windows, dust-free surfaces and squeaky clean kitchens, but if the floor is a mess than it brings down the whole presentation and “clean” feel of the room or area.

To keep customer floors spot, dirt and dust free, regular cleaning is essential. Although mandatory, it doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process.

How to start a successful carpet cleaning business

start your own cleaning business with ease from home

As more city and suburban areas expand, this can have an impact on business growth. The cleaning business industry is one of those business sectors that can receive a jump in growth due to growing population and urbanisation. The cleaning business industry is a big industry with several segments. Not all cleaning businesses specialise in all cleaning applications. A carpet cleaning business is one such specialised segment.

Equipment Checklist: How to deep clean a restaurant

cafe cleaning

A hygienic environment is the main priority for any restaurant or catering business. To keep your restaurant hygienically clean and bacteria-free, it’s important the right cleaning equipment and workflow is carried out. Before the cleaning even begins, the first point of action is getting your cleaning equipment checklist right. A steam cleaner or food service steamer is one of the main tools you will need to carry out your restaurant cleaning machine, however, there are some other tools you can use in conjunction with a steamer to help you get prepared.

How to prevent cross contamination in cafes

cafe cleaning

A café is a public place and deals with food. These two factors mean that hygiene is of the upmost importance. With cross contamination being a major risk in such an environment, the ability to prevent cross contamination is crucial. Cross contamination can occur via food borne contamination or cross surface contamination.

Top 3 tips for commercial kitchen cleaning

top 3 tips for commercial kitchen cleaning with steam cleaning equipment

top 3 tips for commercial kitchen cleaning

Every day restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels and corporate offices require kitchen cleaning. From vents, countertops, floors and appliances – all these surfaces need to be cleaned thoroughly to remove grease and prevent cross-contamination. Kitchens need a high-level standard of cleaning to prevent bacteria build-up.

With traditional kitchen cleaning methods, yes it can be. Traditional kitchen cleaning normally requires a mop and bucket, chemicals and manual scrubbing and increasingly more labour time. If you are reading this now, you most likely know exactly what I’m referring to.

It’s important that managers see kitchen cleaning as a priority; after all, it needs to be done every day and can’t be ignored. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen will ensure better customer service, protect your business against complaints, prevent health check failures and in turn, will contribute to the growth of your business.

How to start and grow a cleaning business

start your own cleaning business with ease from home

Starting a cleaning business isn’t as difficult as you may think. Although it will cost you time, effort and money, if done correctly, it can be all accomplished quickly and very cost effectively.

Before you get started you should keep in mind some factors influencing your potential cleaning business.

  • You know what equipment you will require.
  • You understand what markets will be best suited to you and are in demand for cleaners.
  • You have a good physical condition.
  • You have good communication skills.
  • You have a small business plan or checklist.

Start a Cleaning Business Checklist

start your own cleaning business with ease from home

Cleaning your own home and starting a professional cleaning business are not the same. To start a professional cleaning business, understanding the right cleaning processes and knowing which equipment will get the job done fast, effectively and without extensive labour is crucial.

The good thing is you can start a cleaning business faster than many other types of business start-ups with minimal financial outlay. Learn how you can start a cleaning business from home with our ‘start a cleaning business checklist’.

At Duplex Cleaning, we have over 25 years of experience in providing cleaning solutions to the contract cleaning industry and we have seen many, many successful businesses over the years.

List of cleaning equipment used for housekeeping

Cleaning equipment for housekeeping

housekeeping cleaning equipment

Your choice of the right housekeeping cleaning equipment makes a difference in terms of your overall cleaning effectiveness and efficiency. To welcome guests to a neat and clean hotel room depends on the selection of your cleaning equipment.

Overall, cleaning equipment can be categorised into two types:

  • A. Manual Equipment
  • B. Mechanical Equipment

Top 3 tips for getting stains out of carpets

stain removal from carpet with steam

Stains are the main rival of a beautiful carpet. It is common for people to get worried about how to get rid of a certain stain and whether or not their cleaning method will ruin their carpet further. Old stains, as well as stains that have a “red” appearance, are normally the hardest to get rid of. So, the sooner you get onto cleaning the stain, the better the chance you have of removing it. Common types of stains include pet urine, wine, coffee, blood, ink and oils.

The Correct Procedure for Cleaning a Hotel Room

Procedure for cleaning hotel rooms

Accommodation Cleaning Equipment

Providing a neat, clean and sanitised environment reflects on the overall reputation and image of a hotel. Management has to maintain an industry standard housekeeping workflow to ensure a pleasant environment. In order to ensure a clean environment for guests, the right housekeeping cleaning equipment and proper procedure is crucial.

Announcing Grout Line and Tile Cleaning Equipment for Cleaners

tile and grout cleaning equipment results- a before and after photo The attached image provides a glimpse into what is possible when a person uses one of our hand-picked machines, to clean tiles and grout lines. The results on the left side of the photo were achieved with a single pass, using the Jetvac Major.

In response to many requests from contractors and commercial cleaning staff, we've gathered four of our machines which have a particular suitability for cleaning indoor tiled surfaces as well as tiles outdoors, like you'd find around pools, spas, patios and outdoor dining areas. The tile and grout cleaning equipment page features four different machines, each suited to a particular workload and operating environment. Outdoor tiles have a different moisture absorption to indoor tiles. Different load characteristics apply to tiles too- for instance wall tiles aren't designed to be walked on, no matter how hard the occupants party.

Duplex unveils its next generation cleaning equipment at its spring launch

Distributors of the Italian brand of commercial steam cleaning equipment, Duplex Cleaning Machines, has launched its latest steam cleaning machine and floorscrubber into the Asia-Pacific market.

The newly launched Jetsteam Maxi Inox and Duplex 280 Battery are the latest models of Duplex’s most popular machines.

Director of Duplex, Murray McDonald, says the upgraded models have the latest technology and design from Italy, and represent the next generation of steam cleaning and floorscrubbing technology.

Disinfect Butchery Equipment with Steam Cleaning Machines

Imagine how a dirty butchery facility room can affect safety and hygiene standards? Metal rust and wood surfaces are porous, which is a haven for bacteria and it can absorb and display stains which are not pleasing to both customers and butchers. Fortunately Duplex Cleaning Machines offers ideal steam cleaning machines that are compact, chemical-free and high grade OH&S friendly proven to decontaminate bacteria and disinfect most types of surfaces with its 180 degrees Celsius superheated dry steam with only 5% water content.

Effective Salon Cleaning Techniques for Optimal Results

Ideal Steam Cleaning Machines for Salon Industry

Maintaining high hygiene standards in the salon centres can be very difficult and time consuming task. The problem with traditional cleaning methods is that they are too slow and the chairs or massage mattress are often left too unclean completely and not sanitised fully which creates many issues that can lead to outbreak or infection spreading between the customers and the staff.

Our Healthcare Microsite Goes Responsive

Visit Duplex Healthcare infection control website Our sister site, Duplex Healthcare, went under the revamp and made responsive. Formerly Duplex Infection Control, Duplex Healthcare provides useful information on chemical-free cleaning in healthcare industry, promoting tips in healthcare infection control with dry steam vapour in hospital and medical clinic facilities. Click here to visit Duplex Healthcare website.

Launch of New Book- "Implementing Chemical Free Cleaning in Healthcare"

5 Steps to Chemical Free Cleaning in Healthcare book

Director of Duplex, Murray McDonald, is proud to launch his new book "5 Steps to Chemical Free Cleaning in Healthcare".

The book is for those who are involved in the cleaning of their aged care or hospital facility, and takes them through the implementation of a step-by-step process to chemical free cleaning. The book show facilities how they can implement the highest standard of hygiene and infection control cleaning practices, as well as saving money on chemical costs, time, labour and OH&S issues, simply by going chemical free.

Within the pages of the book, readers receive access to over $500 worth of bonus resources, templates, checklists, apps and more. The book also provides real life case studies of healthcare facilities that have started on their chemical free journey, providing insight into the practical action of the chemical free cleaning process.

For more information about the book, or to purchase the book ($19.95) visit

Touch Point Infection Control Cleaning Training Sessions

Receive practical "touch point" cleaning training for your healthcare facility.

We are offering a 1 hour session at your facility on touch point cleaning practices to ensure your facility is meeting infection control cleaning quality and standards.Training sessions will commence from September 2014. Training costs $200 per session for an unlimited number of staff and facility members to attend. We have limited bookings available, so reserve your no-obligation space today! Our training session covers the following topics:

Sustainable Infection Control Cleaning Seminar

We are holding an upcoming sustainable infection control cleaning seminar in Bundoora, on Wednesday, 4th June 2014.
This free-to-attend, healthcare cleaning seminar will be held in Villa Maria Aged Care facility on the following details:
Date: 4th June 2014
Time: 10am to 12noon
Where: Villa Maria Aged Care, 1428 Plenty Rd, Bundoora, VIC 3083

Click here for the location in Google Maps.

End of Financial Year Special Offer 2014

It's that time of the year again! For the period between 1st May 2014 until 30th June 2014, we will provide a "Complimentary Maintenance and Training Package" valued at $400. Our free, complimentary Maintenance and Training package contain:


• Your first service at no charge*

• Access to our online product training course for you and your staff

• Complimentary online training session with one of our expert reps

To take advantage of our offer, simply choose and purchase the machine that is right for your industry and cleaning needs in our Duplex website For more information about this offer, visit our EOFY page. *Must be undertaken within the first six (6) months of the purchase of a new machine, and the service includes labour only.

Buy the Latest Evo and Inox Industrial Steam Cleaning Equipment Online

This month, we are launching our 4 latest steam cleaning machines from the Inox range and the Evo range for the year of 2014. From early month we gave a sneak preview of our newest product stock by email, and until then, we launched them this week ready for our customers and new visitors.

Chemical Free Infection Control Seminar in Portland

Duplex Cleaning Machines will be holding an upcoming live seminar on infection control using steam and healthcare cleaning without chemicals.

The Chemical Free Cleaning in Healthcare Seminar will be held at Bupa Care Portland.

Date: Friday, 4th April 2014
Time: 10am to 12pm
Where: Bupa Care Portland
Location: 83 Wellington Road, PORTLAND, VIC, 3305

Learn About Green Chemical-free Cleaning

We are holding an upcoming green cleaning seminar in Mansfield Hospital, Victoria to showcase latest infection control cleaning techniques to prevent outbreaks.

In this seminar you will learn how to implement a chemical free infection control cleaning process in your hospital.

Micro-organism outbreaks such as MRSA, C.difficile, VRE and Norovirus are currently a key concern to the VIC healthcare industry.

12 Days of Christmas Bonus Offers

To celebrate the Christmas on this December, Duplex is offering bonus items for selected products as below:

  • Purchase Jetvac Junior steam cleaner, receive bonus Upholstery Tool for free valued at $200
  • Purchase Jetsteam Tosca steam cleaner, receive bonus Steam Iron Professional for free valued at $269
  • Purchase Jetsteam Maxi steam cleaner, receive bonus Jetsteam Transport Trolley for free valued at $195
  • Purchase Duplex 280 or Duplex 420 Steam floor cleaner, receive bonus Two Duplex Brushes for free valued at $230
  • Purchase Jetvac Professional steam cleaner, receive bonus Thermoglide for free valued at $545

For more information on Christmas offers, simply visit the Christmas offers page. To be eligible for the promotion, orders must be booked between the 1st to 12th December 2013.

Get Your Business Ready for Spring Cleaning

The spring season is almost there, the days are getting longer and the trees are blossoming after cold winter season.
We have actionable green spring cleaning ideas to inspire you this spring -

Green Solutions for your Spring Cleaning Needs

The spring season is only within three weeks to go. It is important that the terminal and deep cleaning tasks should be carried out around homes during the spring season, as the spring season is renowned for the disease and bacteria outbreaks that can cause illness among the homeowners and guests.

Superheated dry steam produced by Duplex cleaning equipment, is widely recognised as a method of disinfection, and also is one of the greenest ways of cleaning. The reason why the dry steam is being called as the green cleaner is that they does not require the use of hazardous chemicals. Instead of harmful chemical agents, the Duplex steam vapour cleaners only utilise small amounts of tap water. These versatile machines operate by heating water to boiling temperature to blow hot, low-moisture steam through a hose. What is even more beneficial with the use of steam is that the steam can be used on a variety of surfaces, from garments and upholstered furniture to carpets, tile, wood and vinyl floors.

Free Upholstery Tools- EOFY Special Offer!

Take the hard work out of car cleaning with the Jetvac Pro and receive bonus free two upholstery tools.

The Jetvac Professional is a quality steam vacuum cleaner designed for efficient, hygienic and cost-effective cleaning that saves water and eliminates the need for chemicals. It provides powerful, superheated dry steam vapour to dislodge bugs, dirt, bacteria and superbugs, as well as sanitise and disinfect most equipment.

The Jetvac Pro is also highly effective and easy to clean hard-to-reach spots in difficult areas.

Throw in two complete upholstery tools ( stainless steel and plastic brush upholstery tool) and you will have a perfect cleaning solution to detail clean, and sanitise car interiors.


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