Start Car Detailing Business Package

If you like working with cars and desire a more leisurely lifestyle, Duplex Cleaning Machines have start up car detailing businesses for sale that could be the perfect business opportunity for you!

The demand for auto detailing has been increasing in recent years as people become busier and tend to spend more time in their cars stuck in traffic. This trend provides a great opportunity for start up mobile car detailing businesses to service those people in need of car detailing onsite who simply do not have the time otherwise.

Unfortunately though, many mobile car detailing businesses simply clean the vehicle's exterior and hard interior surfaces. However, given the amount of soiling in car seats and carpets these items should not be neglected. This is why Duplex Cleaning Machines have start up mobile car detailing businesses for sale.

A Duplex Start Up Car Detailing Business for sale service could include:

  • Mobile Car Detailing Service
  • Upholstery Cleaning Service
  • Engine Degreasing Service
  • Floor Matt cleaning Service
  • Furniture Cleaning Service

Duplex Cleaning Machines supply a specialist range of cleaning products that are ideal for starting up car detailing businesses. The Duplex range of dry steam vacuum cleaning equipment for sale is especially ideal for thorough cleaning and sanitising of automobile carpets and upholstery. In addition dry steam is also great for removing stubborn grease, oils, road grime and brake dust from the exterior of the car.

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Expert Package



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The Duplex car interior detailing business equipment for sale features a host of technologies to produce better and more efficient auto detailing results. The standard 94% dry steam on all Duplex dry steam vacuums is especially great at reducing drying times and chemical usage. With dry steam carpets and upholstery will completely dry in as little as 30 minutes compared with up to 24 hours with water extraction methods. Fast drying times are essential for auto car detailing business as customers usually require use of their cars immediately after detailing.

At Duplex we are offering a car detailing business for sale opportunity with no additional fees or contracts. Instead the business is all yours, a “run as you please” car detailing business opportunity where all profits and decisions are yours. You decide what days to work and for how long! What Duplex does is provide you with cleaning equipment to help you start up a successful mobile car interior detailing business.

For More information on Duplex Cleaning Machines Start up car detailing business for sale. Call 1800 622 700

* Duplex Cleaning Machines start up car detailing business for sale opportunities prices vary according to Duplex products desired. Duplex have representatives around the country who can assist in setting up car detailing businesses with Duplex products.

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