Cleaning Equipment for Commercial Use


Commercial Cleaning Machines


Vacuum Cleaners, Floor Scrubbers, Steam Cleaners and a Suite of Dedicated Accessories for Contractors and Professional Cleaners


Duplex Cleaning Machines offers an extensive range of durable, powerful and economical line of eco-friendly commercial cleaning equipment. From floor cleaning to conveyor belt cleaning, upholstery sanitising to tile and grout cleaning, our cleaning machines cover all range of cleaning applications. These machines are suitable for many commercial environments including healthcare facilities, accommodations, schools, gymnastics and manufacturing plants.

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Duplex Floorscrubber Machines for commercial use

Floor Machines

We offer versatile floor cleaning equipment that includes hard floors scrubbers, carpet cleaners, battery powered floor scrubbers, walk behind industrial scrubber, sweepers and even escalator cleaners.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment which utlizes the power of dry steam vapour

Steam Machines

Boasting a range of over 30 steam and steam/vacuum models, our innovative commercial steam cleaning equipment achieves cleaning applications including, but not limited to, bathroom, kitchen, upholstery and mattress cleaning.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Range


We supply a select range of ergonomically designed vacuum cleaners. Versatile, easy to use and store- the range consists of high filtration, water filtered, as well as upright vacuums and battery powered industrial vacuum cleaners.

Heavy Duty Commercial Cleaning Machines, suitable for industrial use

Industrial Machines

If you're looking for durable industrial cleaning equipment to tackle safety floors, factory and warehouse cleaning our heavy duty industrial machine range includes floor scrubbers, vacuums, sweepers and 3 phase steam generators.


Below you'll find answers we get asked the most about our machineries and their applications:


Which Cleaning Machine is Right for Me?

We have a range of equipment with performance overlap from one machine to the next. There are significant differences between some models- however all provide outstanding results and are built to provide trouble-free service for many years. Are you working as a contractor, cleaning a commercial office building where there a handful of offices, a boardroom, reception area, kitchen and bathrooms? Your needs will be different to those of someone who works in a hospital with 10 floors, theaters, kiosks and a full-blown catering department. The operator looking for a machine within a transport yard or depot, where oil, petroleum based grease and heavy road grime are encountered constantly, will need a different machine from the office or hospital cleaner.

How Does Steam Vapour Perform in Commercial Cleaning?

The steam vapour from our machines achieves impressive results. This is due to the exit temperature of the dry steam vapour. It comes out at a microbe-destroying 160 degrees Celsius, thus achieving total sanitation in all commercial applications- hospitals, motels, hostels, suites and vet surgeries. The same equipment makes light work of cleaning schools, removing graffiti and detailing cars. The steam vapour is almost dry- with only a 3 or 4% water content! There's nothing that can't be cleaned using vapourised steam. And nothing survives its scalding blast. Microbes, bedbugs, mold, bacteria as well as dirt and grease- are removed permanently with complicated processes or chemicals.

What's Involved in Maintaining My Machine?

Very little! Our sturdy, Italian made cleaning machines are designed to be low maintenance. Some have self-cleaning elements which vibrate to remove scaling and expel it through the wet vacuum system for disposal during regular work routines. Boilers are rugged and durable- these are the heart of every steam cleaning machine. The boiler in every Duplex machine has been tested individually- and they are very straightforward in their design. Briing your machine for a service just twice a year, and it will continue to serve you for a very long time.

What About Running Costs?

Our machines use very little water. They will save you money from the very first job, because you won't need to buy and mix chemicals. Water consumption varies between machines, but it's in the order of just a few litres per hour. Outstanding results are achieved using nearly-dry steam which exits the machine at high pressure. This is how dirt, grease graffiti and soiling are dissolved and cleaned, without the need for chemicals. For really intense applications, you might add detergent to get you through really heavily soiled jobs in less time.

What About Industry-Specific Accessories?

We have an extensive range of dedicated accessory packs to suit all our machines. Designed with commercial cleaning in mind, the accessories make it simpler and more efficient to clean upholstery, carpets, furniture, tiled floors and bathroom fittings. Special hardened accessory brushes are available for removing chewing gum. Soft bristled brushes designed for curtains and automotive interior cleaning are just two more of our accessories.

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