Professional Cleaning Supplies

Accessories For Your Cleaning Machines

Duplex Cleaning Machines supply a specialis range of cleaning chemicals, microfibre cleaning cloths, and other accessories that may suit your cleaning needs. Many of these products have been specifically built for use with our range of cleaning machines.

Our chemical cleaning supplies, microfibre cloths and pressure washers are just some of our most popular ‘add ons’ to our cleaning machines.

chemicals for effective cleaning
Cleaning Chemical Supplies

Take a look at our specialist range of chemical supplies including low suds carpet detergent, suds neutraliser, urine contamination treatment, hospital grade disinfectant, chewing gum solvent, descaler. Learn more.

microfibre is a highly absorbent product, created to make cleaning easier.
Microfibre Cloth Supplies

Not just your traditional microfibre cloth. Our unique range of microfibre cleaning cloths include mop heads, small microfibre mop heads, elasticised microfibre fitted cloths, microfibre mitts and regular microfibre cloths. Learn more.

portable pressure washer which combines water and detergent, or cleans with water only
Aqua Tank Pressure Washer

The Aqua Tank is a portable pressure washer that comes complete with a large 17lt solution tank, a long 6m hose, built in rechargeable battery and a 12v connection. Learn more.

For order, quotations or any other enquiries - please fill in the form below, leave us an email to info(at), or call us on 1800 622 770 to speak to one of our team members.

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