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Duplex's publicity has recently been featured in the commercial cleaners and cleaning association industry magazines:

Contract Cleaners are our number one market in supply of cleaning equipment and machines.

Among our markets, contract cleaners remain the most frequent market where they regularly use our cleaning equipment and machines to fulfill their business needs, cleaning supplies requirements and even improve their cleaning regimes and processes.

Contract cleaners can be found in everywhere within Australia. It is known that the cleaning industry is one of the fastest growing service industries in Australia, and it is no coincidence many contract cleaners inquiring to use our environmentally friendly and OH&S friendly steam cleaning machines that reduces their cleaning times and boosting their efficiency.

The Duplex range of floor scrubbers, steam cleaners and vacuums are designed to be highly efficient and versatile. Considering the large physical areas and varied cleaning requirements faced daily by contract cleaners in commercial environments, Duplex products are an ideal solution.

In the media exposure we also offer cleaning tips, strategies and advice for Australian contract cleaners in providing them expert knowledge in using our products, and cleaning processes.

article which discusses the three main tips to making a contract cleaning business stand out from its competitors

Three key tips Contract Cleaners need to know to be a step ahead of the rest

National Cleaning Suppliers Association, 28/04/2013View source

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