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Duplex Machine has recently been featured in the following industry magazines:

Why the year of 2020 is the time for automation

Why 2020 is the time for automation

InClean Magazine, 04/12/2019View source

Murray McDonald of Duplex Cleaning writes and publishes a book to help cleaners starting their own business

Duplex's Murray McDonald writes book for BSCs

InClean Magazine, 17/05/2016View source

tips and guidance for startup cleaning product distributors, are provided through a series of workshops and training programs which also cover product knowledge

Duplex's workshops offer both business and product knowledge

InClean Magazine, 01/05/2014View source

making primary decisions in your cleaning business, for long-term success

Making key business decisions

Building Connections, 09/04/2013View source

ideas and specific information for making the best of a self-employment opportunity within the cleaning industry

Want to be your own boss? Key ways to kick start your start up

BestBusinessDeals.com.au, 10/12/2012View source

important reading about the importance of mindful business management today, for a prosperous future

How to start cleaning business article in "Mind your own business" guide

Mithra Publishing, 06/06/2012View source

interested persons can read the questions and answers article with Luke Irwin which looks at career options within the cleaning industry

Luke Irwin Q&A on Career Happiness

Family Capers, 03/05/2012View source

Considering re-entering the workforce? here are the top business skills you need to do is successfully

Top Business Skills for Re-entering the Workforce

Pocket Greens, 05/04/2012View source

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