Duplex 620 


Most Versatile!
The Duplex 620 is ideal for use in large areas like:
  • • School Corridors
  • • Aged Care facilities
  • • Airport Terminals
  • • Hospital Corridors
  • • Sports Complexes
  • • Showrooms
  • • Supermarket Aisles


concrete floor cleaner and scrubber, for areas with large floors
Cleans to the right edges
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floor scrubbing machine, for cleaning large concrete floors
Ideal for large area
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industrial class hevy duty floor cleaning equipment
Airport carpet cleaning
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industrial floor scrubbing machine for heavy duty use
Warehouse cleaning
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industrial grade professional floor cleaning machine, for workshops, factories and large sheds with concrete floors
Ideal for Sports Centre
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  • Cleans to the right edges
  • Ideal for large area
  • Airport carpet cleaning
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Ideal for Sports Centre

Efficient cleaning in large commercial facilities

A Duplex 620 is a large floor scrubber that thoroughly cleans floors simultaneously washing, agitating and extracting in a single pass. At 620mm in width the Duplex 620 is the widest model in the Duplex floor scrubber range and is perfectly suited for efficient cleaning in large commercial facilities. Despite the large size this machine is incredibly easy to use and highly maneuvrable.

The Duplex 620 floor scrubber is packed full of features and best of all there is basically no set up time. Simply fill the two solution tanks with water, select the height setting, pull back the handle and start cleaning. It is that easy.

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Duplex 620 Floor Scrubber Highlights

the perfect machine for cleaning expanses of concrete flooring, removes cement dust and debris from floors
Cleans to the Very Edge
commercial cleaning machine with twin water tanks for longer cleaning cycles, less time spent refilling and emptying
Dual Water Tanks
pressurised steam vapour penetrates into the pores of cement floors and agitates grease, washing it out- leaving the floor clean
Steam Penetrates Deep Into Pores
conveyor line cleaning systems, for removing foreign matter
Dual Conveyor Belt & Brush Pick-Up
height adjustment on commercial cleaning machines makes for better occupational health and safety
Adjustable Height
set input parameters on the go, through the precise fingertip control panel
Fingertip Control





clean timber floors with this professional floor cleaner



wide span carpet floor steam cleaner, for professional use



industrial grade cleaning machine for contractors who clean flotex floors



broad span floor cleaner, for sporting venues

Profiled Ceramic


industrial grade cleaning machine, for use on profiled ceramic floors



wide span professional cleaning machine, for use on vinyl floors

Profiled rubber


powerful floor cleaning equipment for contractors who clean profiled rubber floors

Natural stone


natural stone floor cleaning machine, for industrial or contractor use

Safety floors


machine for safety floor surface cleaning, with wide span track, for quicker completion times



Unique Features
Duplex 620

The Italian designed and manufactured floor cleaner is constructed using the highest quality components and engineering. With 15 patented designs, this high-end, commercial cleaner will last you for decades to come and provide a clean like no other.


Cleans to the Very Edge

The unique offset brush design and two way handle allows cleaning to the very edge where floor meets wall.

industrial class floor cleaning machine which cleans to the very edge of the job

twin conveyor belts, for easy water collection from the floor

Dual Conveyor Belt & Brush Pick-Up

Our double conveyor belt and brush pick up systems allows for dirty water to be lifted up from deep within the floor surface and easily transported from the floor directly into the central recovery tank.

Dual Water Tanks

Water tanks are easily accessible and removable, for fast refilling and emptying.

two water tanks for fast easy access during replenishment

set the machiine’s working height to operate at maximum efficiency for the floor being cleaned

Adjustable Height

Duplex features simple recessed controls for instant adjustment to clean a variety of floor surfaces.

Fingertip Control

The ergonomically designed Duplex handle incorporates a cleaning solution trigger which, under fingertip pressure, releases cleaning solution uniformly along both agitator brushes to begin cleaning cycle.

fingertip detergent release control for feeding solution to the agitator brushes

regular, ongoing support and maintenance from qualified factory technicians

Regular Service and Spare Support

To ensure that your machine will continue to run effectively and efficiently, we recommend that your machine be booked in for a service with your local Duplex dealer every 6 months.

Warranty and Backup

Your machine is covered by manufacturer's warranty for one year from the purchase date.
The warranty covers fabrication defects, and all our service work is carried out by Duplex approved engineers.

parts and labour twelve month guarantee

Additional Tools and Accessories


impervious carpet backing makes vacuum extraction of dirt less effective- so using our Flotex Clean It solution, completes the process effectively

Clean It

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Transport Trolley for transporting Duplex machine effortlessly

Transport Trolley

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remove deep stains, stubborn inground dirt and grime- sanitise and rejuvenate floors

Steam Kit

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new cleaning machine brushes available from Duplex

Duplex Brushes

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aqua tank for portable pressure washing in  locations where there is no power, this machine is powered by a rechargeable battery

Aqua Tank

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stains displaced and flotex deodorised, with our purpose-made solution

Fix It Chemical

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our cleaning machines and steam vacuum cleaners meet smart approved water mark criteria

Duplex now have the "Smart Approved WaterMark" stamp

Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia’s water conservation label. This allows businesses to purchase products that save water, and actively engage in the efficient use of water. Our Duplex machines are the first of its kind steam generators and multi-floor cleaners to feature the Smart Approved WaterMark stamp. Learn more

Technical specs


Duplex 620

Width (mm) 620 mm
Length (mm) 430 mm
Height (mm) 240 mm
Weight empty (kg) 36 kg
Clean solution capacity (litre) 9.5 lt
Recovery tank capacity (litre) 5.5 lt
Cylindrical brush diameter (mm) 100 mm
Cylindrical brush width (mm) 550mm
Electrical induction motor tropicalised winding Single - Phase
Insulation class
Voltage (V) 220/240V
Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Max Power (W) 900 W
Pressure on floor (g/cm2) 160 g/cm2
Theoretical working surface area (m2/h) 550 m2/h


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