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eLearning and Online Education

We are offering free online education and eLearning for our valued customers, and dealers for training and self-paced study of our product machines and cleaning topics.

Register now online for our eLearning courses on several Duplex products such as Jetvac Junior, Jetvac Pro, Jetsteam Maxi and Duplex floorscrubber.
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Why you should undertake our eLearning courses or online education?

  • Get to know how to use Duplex products correctly.
  • Gain knowledge and awareness before using your product for first time.
  • Tips and hints on how to get the most value out of your product. and many more!

It is useful and helpful for the learners to undergo the training online in order to refresh or gain their skills relating to the usage of product, technical knowledge or general knowledge in cleaning.

We offer different courses on different topics such as green cleaning, infection control, carpet cleaning, car cleaning and start cleaning business.

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eLearning: How technology has benefited the way cleaners learn

InClean Magazine, 12/07/2013View source

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