What is a Duplex Escalator?

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What is a Duplex Escalator?

The Duplex Escalator is a modified version of the world renowned Duplex floor scrubber that has been specifically developed for fast easy cleaning of escalators and travellators. Available in two sizes referring to brush width, 350mm & 550mm, the Duplex Escalator will actually clean escalators while they run.

Duplex Escalator


With a Duplex Escalator 350/550 cleaning an escalator is as simple as:
  • Step 1: Position the Duplex Escalator at the base of the escalator with the thin side next to the edge,
  • Step 2: Hold in place and complete two dry cycles to sweep up dry dust,
  • Step 3: Complete two low moisture scrubbing cycles to remove grime,
  • Step 4: Reverse the machine and repeat the process.
  • Step 5: Reverse so the thin side is contacting the other edge of the escalator.

deep clean escalators, with the powerful properties of dry, super-heated steam vapour

In general a typical sized escalator takes about 30 minutes to sweep and deep clean the steps.

The Duplex Escalator 350/550 is a purpose built machine for cleaning escalators.
Unlike other machine for cleaning escalators the Duplex Escalator 350/550 machine actually cleans the escalator steps as it operates.
This is possible through a patented guide rail system that allows the user to keep the machine operating smoothly in the one position.
As escalators are cleaned whilst they move the Duplex Escalator 350/550 produce very efficient cleaning results.

What makes Duplex Escalator so effective?

The Duplex Escalator combines dry sweeping and low moisture scrubbing to attain new standards of escalator cleaning. Firsty, the dual contra rotating extra long brushes penetrate deep into the escaltor treads to remove dry dust. This is followed by a low moisture scrub to remove stubborn grime without over-wetting the escalator mechanisms. A patented guide rail system also ensures that the Duplex Escalator tracks perfectly on the escalator.

To clean an escalator with a Duplex Escalator 350/550 you will need to:

  • Step 1:   Position the Duplex Escalator 350/550 with the thin side (side with least space between brush and wall) to the edge of the escalator step.
  • Step 2:   Connect a vacuum to the recover tank lid and do a dry scrubbing cycle to remove dust from the escalator step treads.
  • Step 3:  After dry sweeping remove the vacuum. Then give a low moisture scrub to remove more stubborn grime.
  • Step 4:   Apply water by squeezing the water trigger for 1 second, then releasing for 1 second. Deep cleaning may take a couple of cycles of the escaltor to complete.
  • Step 5:   As an escaltor is usually wider than the Duplex Escalator 350/550, the machine will need to be turned and moved to the adjacent side of the escalator step.
  • Step 6:   Once repositioned repeat steps 2 & 3. This usually takes approximately 30 minutes as a couple of passes are required on each side.

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Duplex Escalator Highlights

remove ccumulated dirt from escalator steps and step treads, with equipment that cleans flush to the edge
Cleans to the Very Edge
a large water capacity means the machine can clean more escalators in between refills
Dual Water Tanks
twin conveyor belts and a pickup brush work together to dislodge and collect debris from within step treads of electric escalators
Dual Conveyor Belt & Brush Pick-Up
adjust the brush height so that the right friction and step tread penetration occurs during escalator cleaning
Adjustable Height
set the operating parameters of the escalator cleaning equipment, for maximum efficiency on the job
Fingertip Control





dry superheated steam vapour cleaning machine for escalators



chemical-free travelator cleaning made possible, with dry steam vapour pressure washing, suited to travelators in airports, railway stations and bus depots

Public Venues


clean and sanitize escalators, step tracks and touch points in public venues, sporting stadiums, galleries and concert halls with our powerful dry steam vapour cleaning machine and custom fittings

Unique Features
Duplex Escalator

The Italian designed and manufactured floor cleaner is constructed using the highest quality components and engineering. With 15 patented designs, this high-end, commercial cleaner will last you for decades to come and provide a clean like no other.


Cleans Escalators and Travelators

Duplex Escalator comes up with brushes with specialised bristles to suit all major escalator and travelator manufacturers

the versatile nature of these steam cleaning machines means they will clean travelators as well as escalators within shopping malls, plazas, lobbies and foyers

powerful vacuum attachment for escalator cleaning equipment

Vacuum Attachment Feature

The Duplex Escalator in dry mode sweeps dust from the escalator treads into the central recovery tank, where it can be removed by vacuum via the integral connector

Patented Guide Rail System

The patented guide rail system on the Duplex Escalator cleaner keeps the machine tracking evenly on the escalator. The guide system eliminates side swaying to ensure a consistent clean.

a special guide rail, keeps the escalator cleaner on track and avoids lateral shift

clean the total width of each step- flush to the edges, with a machine that does not sway during operation

Clean to the Very Edge

The offset brush as with any Duplex Escalator allows the machine to clean right to the edge of the escalator. The machine can then be reversed so the brush cleans to the other edge and the process is repeated.

Dual Conveyor Belt and Brush Pick-Up

Our double conveyor belt and brush pick-up system allows for dirty water to be lifted up from deep within the escalator surface and easily transported from the floor or steps directly into the central recovery tank

conveyor driven brushes collect dirty water and deposit it into a tank for recovery later, this gives longer cleaning times between tank changes

clean more escalators in less time- our twin water tanks allow for longer work periods between stops

Dual Water Tanks

Water tanks are easily accessible and removable, for fast refilling and emptying.

Adjustable Height

Duplex features simple recessed controls for instant adjustment to a variety of floor surfaces. At the flick of a switch, Duplex will allow you to "Scrub Down" solution, thoroughly agitating the cleaning liquid, before flicking back to "Pick-Up" to complete the clean and dry operation.

user-adjustable brush height allows for optimal settings to suit deep cleaning or water pickup to speed the drying time

fingertip control trigger, for accurate on-demand release of cleaning fluid or detergent when extra dissolving power is needed

Fingertip Control

The ergonomically designed Duplex handle incorporates a cleaning solution trigger which, under fingertip pressure, releases cleaning solution uniformly along both agitator brushes to begin cleaning cycle.

Regular Service and Spare Support

To ensure that your machine will continue to run effectively and efficiently, we recommend that your machine be booked in for a service with your local Duplex dealer every 6 months.

regular factory servicing of your escalator cleaning equipment, will ensure it serves you optimally

escalator cleaning machines come with a factory warranty for 12 months

Warranty and Backup

Your machine is covered by manufacturer's warranty for one year from the purchase date. The warranty covers fabrication defects, and all our service work is carried out by Duplex approved engineers.

Additional Tools and Accessories

our cleaning machines and steam vacuum cleaners meet smart approved water mark criteria

Duplex now have the "Smart Approved WaterMark" stamp

Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia’s water conservation label. This allows businesses to purchase products that save water, and actively engage in the efficient use of water. Our Duplex machines are the first of its kind steam generators and multi-floor cleaners to feature the Smart Approved WaterMark stamp. Learn more

Technical specs


Escalator 350

Escalator 550

Cleaning Width (mm) 350 mm 550 mm
Machine Width (mm) 420 mm 620 mm
Machine Length (mm) 430 mm 430 mm
Brush Diameter (mm) 120 mm 120 mm
Brushes (n) 2 2
Brush Rotation (r.p.m) 900 900
Brush Motor (V/W) 24 V / 400 W 24 V / 400W
Vacuum Motor (V/W) 24 V / 380 W 24 V / 380 W
Machine Weight (kg) 28 kg 39 kg
Water Tank (I) 6 9.5
Voltage (V) 240V 240V


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