Farm and Dairy Industrial Cleaning

effectively remove all contaminants from dairy work areas, without using chemicals
cleaning without chemicals in dairies and primary production work areas is accomplished with dry, high temperature steam vapour
industrial strength dry steam vapour cleaning equipment effectively sanitizes feed racks and bins in agricultural applications

Do you have cleaning issues in farms or dairies where you find it difficult to clean the agriculture machinery without degrading the quality? If so, why not look for compact, versatile cleaning machines that reduce cleaning time, water and chemical consumption whilst producing quality cleaning results for your farm or dairy factory environment?

Look no further than Duplex industrial cleaning machine ranges such as Batvac 50, Steambox, Steam Pressure, Salla Steam and Salla .

Or with Jetvac Major, you can clean heavy duty farm processing equipment such as milking machines, harvesting machines, grain milling, or even meat processors.

Furthermore with our incredible range of accessories toolkit that comes up with our Duplex cleaning system, cleaning the farming equipment has never been easier to complete within seconds

Benefits of using Duplex industrial steam and vacuum cleaning machines to clean farm tractors, harvestors, containers, and dairy or poultry processing equipment:

  • Continuous steam: so that you can clean as many as machines in one sequence without losing valuable time.
  • Excellent accessories to integrate with the cleaning machines: Duplex industrial cleaning equipment are designed to clean many different applications and functions.
  • Powerful and High Pressurised Steam: 180 degree Celcius steam at up to 150 bar pressure powerful enough to decontaminate bacteria or parasites and remove stains within seconds


Easily remove and degrease stubborn metal stains found in equipment systems.

Our 180°C superheated dry steam with powerful steam under 150 bar pressure, and hot water injection to totally wipe stains and greases away from all types of surfaces.

before and after degreasing stains

Complete range of accessories for a variety of cleaning applications.

With the adaptation of the lance and brush tools, Duplex industrial cleaning machines provide different ways of cleaning and facilitate sanitisation of all surfaces.

before and after cleaning surfaces

Deep clean farming and dairy transport vehicles such as tractors, harvestors, forklift

Duplex industrial cleaners can easily deep wet clean and dry clean the surface at the same time to leave the transport wheels restored in clean state and dry within seconds.

before and after cleaning wheels