Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Fast Vac is a commercial upright vacuum cleaner available in two sizes (360mm & 460mm) that is ideal for producing great carpet vacuum cleaning results, reducing carpet vacuum cleaning time and improving OH&S.

It takes just 4 minutes to complete 20 metres across a hallway.


Advantages and Benefits of Using Fastvac

Why is the Fast Vac so effective?

Featuring a motorised power-head brush that agitates deep into the surface spreading the carpet fibres; the Fast Vac is able to penetrate much deeper and remove dust that a traditional barrel vacuum would leave behind. The Fast Vac upright vacuum is especially great for cleaning impervious backed carpets like Flotex or Tarkett where traditional barrel vacuum cleaners struggle to generate airflow through the solid backing.

Why is the Fast Vac so efficient?

The Fast Vac upright vacuum cleaner is designed to be operated at walking speed in long laps of up to 30m at a time; making it especially ideal for large areas. Operating in long laps eliminates the constant back and forth motions required by a traditional barrel vacuums, therefore the Fast Vac is able to cover a lot more ground in less time. With a 460mm wide head the Fast 4.6 is one of the most efficient vacuums on the market.

How does the Fast Vac improve OH&S?

In addition to improving efficiency; correct operation of the Fast Vac upright vacuum cleaner in laps eliminates repetitive strain back and shoulder injuries associated with traditional barrel vacuum cleaners. This is because the user's legs do the work rather than their back and shoulders. Some allergies may also be reduced as more dust is removed from the carpet.

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Unique Features of Fastvac


user friendly features in fastvac

  • Powerhead agitates deep to remove all dirt. Especially suited to Flotex and industrial carpets
  • Indicator light for Power and Bag Full-so you’re aware of vacuum cleaner operation and maintenance
  • Large 6Lt Bag allows long periods of operation without the need for changes
  • Super Stretch Hose to reach wherever you need, such as ceiling corners or under beds
  • On-Board Accessories - no searching around the facility for missing vacuum tools
  • Replaceable Cord for easy maintenance and operation
  • Quick Release Cord holder for fast packing up and set up
  • Four Height Settings to suit different floor coverings
  • Indicator Light to warn of full bag, blocked power head and short bristle
  • HEPA Filter to prevent small dust particles from re-entering the air

Accessories for the Fastvac

Standard Kit

  • • Large 6 litre Dust Bag (Pic 1)
  • • Two onboard tools (Pic 3,4)
  • • Hose Extention (Pic 5)
  • • Super Stretch vacuum hose (Pic 6)
  • • HEPA Filter (Pic 10)

Standard fastvac kit

Optional Kit

  • • Additional Paper Dust Bags (10pk)
  • • Reuseable Cloth Dust Bag
  • • 3 year Servicing & Maintenance Agreement

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Technical specs


360 460


Filter Type HEPA HEPA Filters bacteria and dust
Height (mm) 1200 1200 Adjustable height to suit all operators
Width (mm) 360 460 Different sizes to suit different users
Brush Width (mm) 310 410 Obtains high coverage in a short time
Brush Motor (W) 1000 1000 Powerful Brush Motor
Vacuum Motor (W) 10 10 High suction power
Cord Length 6m 6m Replaceable Powercord
Filter Bag (L) 240 240 Extra Long Life


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