A range of Duplex Floor Cleaning Equipment, Floor Steam Scrubber Dryer and Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines

Heavy-duty Equipment for Professional Cleaners of Hard Floors, Carpet, Parquetry and Concrete | Flooring Cleaners

Duplex floor cleaner multipurpose functions - sweep, dry, clean in one pass

At Duplex Cleaning Machines we supply an exclusive range of commercial and industrial floor cleaning machines. At the heart of all floor cleaning machines in the Duplex range is an innovative dual contract-rotating cylindrical brush design that provides increased effectiveness in small or large areas and excellent versatility on a variety of floor surfaces.

There are three main models of floor cleaning machines in the Duplex floor cleaner range. These include the Duplex all-surface floor scrubber (340, 420, 620, Steam), and the Salla industrial battery-powered floor scrubber/sweeper/vacuum (350, 500, MAX). In addition, there is also the battery-powered version of Duplex 280 mini floor cleaner, as well as Lithium powered floor scrubbing machines.

Hard floor scrubbers & carpet cleaners

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