Food and Beverage Cleaning

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Do you have cleaning issues in food and beverage industry where you find it difficult to clean the equipment and appliances without degrading the quality? If so, why not look for compact, versatile cleaning machines that reduce cleaning time, water and chemical consumption whilst producing quality cleaning results for your food and beverage environment?

Key benefits of steam using our Duplex Industrial cleaning machines for food and beverage industry:

  • The high temperature of the steam instantly eliminates pathogens, and unwanted micro-organisms by disinfecting the hardest areas to reach. In addition to eliminating the bacteria, it’s impossible for the bacteria to develop a resistance to the process.
  • The treated surfaces dry instantly which eliminates the risk of slipping and falling on floors permitting the immediate use of the equipment. The minimal use of water in the dry steam allows for use in water sensitive areas without drainage.
  • Does not damage any equipment, floor, surface, rubber or sensors and all without the need of protective equipment.
  • As easy as using a vacuum.
  • Silent electrical operation.
  • Very little water required ; our equipment uses under 3L of water per hour, allowing for great water savings.
  • Very little water is left on the surface after cleaning, allowing for less waiting for equipment to dry.
  • Steam is very gentle on surfaces but very effective on dirt and micro-organisms.
  • Can be used during production for an increased efficiency in cleaning without interruption of regular operation.

Steam Cleaners

steam cleaners

The Duplex range of steam cleaners are ideal for fast hygienic cleaning of stainless steel surfaces, benches, belts, conveyors, kitchen equipment and more. With superheated dry steam at up to 190°C, Duplex steamers clean in short times, with little water and no chemicals.


floor cleaner

The Duplex walk behind floor cleaners are great for fast cleaning mid-large size hard floor areas in corridors, slippery and oily floors in food manufacturing facilities. Duplex 620 is also effective floor cleaner for large areas within the food and beverage manufacturing plants.

Steam Vacuums

steam vacuum cleaner

Removing greasy oils, residues from stainless steel surfaces and extract spills can be done with steam vacuums. For example, the Jetvac Inox is ideal for large hard floor areas. Similarly, Jetvac Junior is the most popular steam vacuum also suitable for deep steaming and vacuuming greasy areas.