Function Centre Cleaning Solutions

effective cleaning of dirt and debris from outdoor coutyards, is achieved with high temperature steam vapour
professional grade cleaning equipment to remove dirt, gum and graffiti from function centres and convention venue outside surfaces

Duplex Cleaning Machines have an exclusive range of steam cleaners, floor scrubbers and vacuums that are ideal for complete cleaning of various sporting complexes, clubs, facilities, fields and courts.

The Duplex range of steam cleaners are ideal for fast hygienic cleaning of canteens, showers, toilet blocks, changerooms and more.

With superheated dry steam at up to 190°C, Duplex steamers hygienically clean all surfaces in short times, with little water and no chemicals.

The SALLA floor scrubbers are great for fast cleaning mid-large size hard floor areas in passage ways, corridors, conference rooms, balconies and surfaces. For cleaning smaller hard floor areas and carpet the Duplex 280, Duplex 340 and Duplex 420 floor scrubbers are ideal.

Vacuuming of large areas of carpet and hard floors in sporting clubs, stadiums and complexes can be done with vacuums. Vacuuming of large areas of carpet and hard floors in function and public venues can be done with vacuums. The Jetvac Junior or Jetvac Compact cleaner is ideal for large carpet areas as well as upholsteries.



Twin counter rotating brushes at 900 rpm in Duplex floorscrubbers flick the dirt straight up from your floor. Jetsteam cleaners have continuous 24-hour powered steam to simply deep clean and sanitise most equipments and surfaces.


Duplex product ranges are portable, transportable and handled in one way, one hand operation only in forward and backwards. In Jetvac ranges, the machines are manouverable.


Having a Duplex Floorscrubbers and Jetvac steam vacuums in part of cleaning routines helps restoring carpets and floors in function centres to brand new, as these machines clean and deodorise both tiled and hard surfaces. With a range of accessories and tool kit, cleaning with these machines becomes easier and convenient with versatility of applications to choose from.