Commercial Vacuum Equipment for Graffiti Removal


graffiti removal system

graffiti removal system

The graffiti removal systems consist of a range of portable steam vacuum systems that are designed for fast easy removal of graffiti from walls and furniture items in the exterior surfaces.

Through the use of +165°C steam temperature with detergent injection and vacuum, the Duplex graffiti removal equipment are able to dissolve and extract graffiti marks in seconds.

Graffiti Remover


Our graffiti removal process is only 2 steps:

1) Steam and 2) Dissolve
Steam the surface on graffiti marks
Dissolve graffiti marks effectively with steam vapour

Using the super heated dry steam vapour in graffiti removal process does not harm the underlying layer or surface, allowing the steam vapour as perfect tool for cleaning graffiti off the walls, fence, gates and pavements in the exterior surfaces.

Our graffiti cleaning machines can also be used in conjunction with detergent injection to provide powerful blasting. The secret of our specialised graffiti remover equipment is the high steam temperature at 180 degrees Celsius and above, which creates the powerful heating unit to completely erase the graffiti marks. In addition, our robust systems are accompanied with an impressive collection of support tools and attachments for effective eradication of unpleasant graffiti in the sight on the spot.

What Makes Our Graffiti Removal Equipment System Unique?

There are numerous advantages associated with the steam vacuum equipment compared with traditional graffiti removal methods including scraping, and acid washing. These include:

  • No drying downtime:
    The system completely uses low water contnet moisture steam vapour - our technology simply dissolve the graffiti marks and spots off all kinds of surface.
  • Time-saving:
    Being vacuuming and steaming at the same time, our graffiti removal system saves you time, money and labour.
  • No mess:
    After cleaning, there is no waste water or excess residues from graffiti as our equipment produces dry cleaning.


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Graffiti removal in public venues

Unique Features
Graffiti Remover

The Duplex graffiti remover equipment feature many innovations:


Versatile Tool

Specially designed lance tool with the threaded brush to simultaneously steam and extract graffiti.

Graffiti cleaning with threaded brush attached to the lance tool

Detergent Injection to Dissolve graffiti effectively

Detergent Injection

Detergent injection function to increase graffiti removal efficiency.

Vacuum System

Built in vacuum system in steam vac machine to dissolve and suck graffiti as it is steamed.

Vacuum system for graffiti removal

Continuous Steam

24 x 7 Continuous Steam

Continuous steam to ensure cleaning operation without interruptions.

Diverse Toolkit

Extended and versatile tool kit for other applications

Multi-functional and diverse toolkit

Transportable Unit

Transportable System

Inbuilt or portable trolley for easy transporting during and between jobs.

Standard Accessories for the Graffiti Removal System

Graffiti Remover Kit

  • · Curved Lance
  • · Threaded Metal Brush
  • · Floor Tool
  • · Threaded Triangle Brush
  • · Threaded Round Brush
  • · Bivap Gum Remover Chemical
Image of Graffiti Remover Kit

Graffiti Removal Accessories

Curved Lance tool

Curved Lance

Chewy Steel Brush

Threaded Steel Brush

Chewy triangular threaded brush

Triangular Threaded Brush

Nylon threaded brush

Rounded Threaded Brush

Chewy Remover tool

Chewy Remover Tool

Bivap Gum Remover Chemical

Bivap Chemical

Geyser Lance tool

Geyser Lance

Geyser Lance tool

Floor Tool with Inserts

our cleaning machines and steam vacuum cleaners meet smart approved water mark criteria

Duplex now have the "Smart Approved WaterMark" stamp

Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia’s water conservation label. This allows businesses to purchase products that save water, and actively engage in the efficient use of water. Our Duplex machines are the first of its kind steam generators and multi-floor cleaners to feature the Smart Approved WaterMark stamp. Learn more

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