Cleaning Carpets and Hard Floor Surfaces

How to clean floor and tiles

At Duplex Cleaning Machines we specialise in supplying an exclusive range of cleaning systems to clean just about any floor surface in any sized environment. Whether it be a domestic carpet, a commercial vinyl or painted industrial floor we have answers on how to clean them all. The Duplex 280/340/420 floor cleaners are especially popular machines for deep cleaning hard floors and carpets. There is the JetSteam and JetVac steam cleaners that are ideal for daily cleaning, decontaminating and degreasing of hard floors. Then the Salla range of walk behind battery powered floor cleaners that are suited for large commercial or industrial cleaning applications. For information and recommendations on the best Duplex cleaning solutions for particular floor surfaces click the relevant buttons to the right.

How to Clean Carpet

steam cleaning carpet floors

Cleaning carpets in a commercial environment can be tedious tiresome work, not to mention an OH&S issue if the incorrect machine is used. Also many cleaners use chemicals, which is often a less effective method if the chemicals are left behind in the carpet fibres to attract dirt. When this occurs stains often reappear within weeks of cleaning, leaving the carpet dirty again. With the Duplex Floor Scrubber/Washer/Dryer the carpet is cleaned and remains clean.

Cleaning Carpet with a Duplex Floor Scrubber is simple:

  1. Fill Tank with Water and switch machine on
  2. Squeeze the trigger, dispensing liquid evenly along the full length of both agitator brushes
  3. Glide the Duplex Floor Scrubber over the carpet for instant Scrub, Wash and Dry of your carpet.

Maintenance Clean Carpet

Spills Management


Low Moisture

professional industrial strength steam cleaning equipment for floor scrubbing and cleaning

Floor Scrubber

  • Effective carpet cleaner
  • Low start-up cost
  • Under 2 minutes to setup
  • Low water use
  • Easy to transport
portable extraction carpet cleaners do not have the advantages of steam cleaning equipment that is made by Duplex

Portable Extraction Carpet Cleaner

  • Portable carpet cleaner
  • Portable extractors cost $$$$
  • Uses excessive water
  • Use temperature less than 250°C
  • Constant emptying and refilling
truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment does not have operational advantages of our professional floor and carpet scrubbing machinery

Truck Mounted Extraction cleaner

  • Truck mounted cleaner
  • Costs expensive
  • Does not dry the carpet quicker
  • Uses high temperature than the portable carpet extractor
  • Difficult to access in high rise areas

How to Clean Hard Floors

the best, most effective means of cleaning hardwood floors is to use high temperature, pressurised steam vapour

Are you searching for the best way of how to deep clean hard floors? Then look no further as Duplex Cleaning Machines have a variety of hard floor cleaners available to suit all size and type of hard floor cleaning.

Ideal Duplex cleaning products for hard floors

These hard floor cleaners include the Duplex floor scrubber, Duplex Steam, and the SALLA range. All these hard floor cleaners only available through Duplex Cleaning Machines will save water, increase efficiency, produce superior results, recover dirty water and save on chemicals.

Choosing your Duplex hard floor cleaner is simple. The most important factor to consider is the type of floor to be cleaned as this will determine the size and requirement of the hard floor cleaner.Unlike many hard floor cleaners on the market, Duplex hard floor cleaners work on all hard floor surfaces including tiles & grout, vinyl, timber, safety floors, concrete and marble. In fact the Duplex floor scrubber even works on carpets as well.

How to clean hard floors with a Duplex Scrubber / Steam Cleaner

For small or narrow areas the Duplex floor scrubber is the ideal hard floor cleaner. This is because the Duplex range consists of very manoeuvrable machines with a two way handle and bi-directional operation. For hard floors in bathrooms and in kitchens the Duplex Steam is also ideal as steam will emulsify grease and disinfect the hard floor surface.

Medium to large areas require bigger hard floor cleaners such as the Duplex 620, or the SALLA. These machines are all twin cylindrical brush machines that are designed to clean hard floors in a single pass using plain water. All of these hard floor cleaning machines also feature water recovery. The SALLA is especially good at cleaning large hard floors as it is a battery powered unit and therefore has freedom from any cords.

For regular or daily cleaning of hard floors like tiles, timber or vinyl the Thermoglide Steam Mop is also a great product. Unlike wet mopping the Thermoglide does not leave a coating of dirty water on the floor surface. Instead the Thermoglide steam mop emulsifies the soiling on the floor and collects the grime on an ultra absorbent microfibre pad. The result is clean film free and dry floors in seconds.

How to Clean Floor Tiles

cleaning machines suited to sanitizing and removing grime from floor tiles

If you are looking for a better way of how to clean floor tiles and grout then here could be a product for you!
Cleaning tiled floors has always been regarded as a painstaking and tedious task; especially if the floor tile you’re trying to clean is an open porus tile with a profiled surface. The problem is too many people simply don’t have the right tile cleaning equipment. Instead cleaners usually pretend to clean floor tiles with the old mop & bucket. While mopping might seem ok at first, after a while it simply coats the tile with a dirty recycled chemical laden water residue. This in turn leaves the tile looking dull and the grout lines looking filthy.

A better way to keep tiles looking clean and new is by using a tile cleaner like a Duplex Floor Scrubber. The Duplex Floor Scrubber is an Italian manufactured machine purposely designed for cleaning floor tiles. Unlike mopping a Duplex actually removes soiling from the tile surface and only cleans with fresh water.
This is possible through the unique design of the Duplex that features twin water tanks, twin contra-rotating cylindrical brushes, twin recovery belts and a central recovery tank. The combination of these features allows a Duplex to scrub, clean and dry all types of tiled floors in a single pass.
Unlike most other machines a Duplex can clean right into the corners and to the wall in both directions. This is possible through a two way handle and offset brush design only found in a Duplex. Better still the compact Duplex is so easy to use and can even be used to clean many other floor surfaces including carpet.

How to Clean Safety Floors

Safety floor cleaning

In recent years non-slip safety floors have become a lot more common, especially in wet areas, for reducing slips to improve OH&S. This trend though has seen many cleaners ask the question of 'how to clean safety floors effectively?'. This question occurs as most cleaners do not posess the right equipment to properly clean safety floors. Instead they try to use the traditional wet mop.
Wet mopping is not effective on non-slip safety floors as the profiled surfaces are not cleaned and the often aggressive textured surface destroys mop heads. This is troubling for cleaners as floors safety floors must be cleaned well because if dirt builds up in between the ripples the floor becomes less textured, which means it provides less grip when wet. So what is the best way of how to clean safety floors?

Ideal Duplex cleaning products for safety floors

A Duplex dual cylindrical brush floor scrubber like the Duplex 420 or Salla 500 are ideal solutions for cleaning safety floors and other profiled floor surfaces. Unlike a mop, the Duplex 420 or Salla 500 are able to penetrate deep into the profiled surface.This is due to dual cylindrical brushes that contain approximately 800,000 bristles that are actively lifting out soiling. This soiling is then simultaneously extracted off the safety floor surface into a recovery tank; unlike mopping that spreads it back over the floor. The result is clean floors with maximum grip levels.

How to clean safety floors with a Duplex / Salla / JetVac

The JetVac steam vacuums and JetSteam steamer have also proven effective on safety floors; especially in greasy/oily envirnments like kitchens. This is due to high temperature dry steam that emulsifies soiling and leaves little moisture. The emulsified soiling is then simultaneously collected by vacuum or an ultra absorbent microfibre heads.

How to Clean Flotex

cleaning flotex floors in hospitals and nursing facilities is easy and effective, with our upright vacuums and specially designed steam vapour machines

Flotex Carpets are impervious backed textile floor coverings that are popular in Australian commercial facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, shops and schools. This popularity is due to the 80,000,000 nylon fibre density per square meter that makes Flotex basically crush/ware proof and highly resitant to staining. One of the only negatives associated with Flotex is cleaning as the incorrct equipment is often used.

At Duplex Cleaning Machines we have been working with Karndean International (Aus. Flotex Importer) for almost twenty years educating cleaners on proper methods of 'How to Clean Flotex' with recommended Duplex equipment. This includes the Fastvac upright vacuum and the Duplex 340/420 floor scrubber range.

How to Clean Flotex Carpets

Vacuuming - With Flotex carpets a normal vacuum cleaner is not able to penetrate the dense carpet fibers with suction alone or generate any airflow through the solid backing. For regular cleaning a vacuum cleaner with a motorised brush head, such as the Duplex Fastvac Upright Vacuum is recommended for basic everyday cleaning. This is because the bristles on the vacuum cleaner’s motorised brush agitate and lift dust from the carpet fiber and then it’s vacuumed from the surface. A normal vacuum cleaner will not operate effectively due to the Flotex carpet nylon backing and fibre density.
Cleaning - The nylon fibres in Flotex flooring should not allow stains to penetrate meaning that most soiling can be shifted with plain water and aggitation. This can be done by hand for small stains or by a floor scrubber for large areas.


How to Restore Flotex Carpets

With the rubber backing Flotex carpets are completely waterproof and dense nylon fibers make it almost stain proof. This means that heavily soiled Flotex carpets can be scrubbed like a hard floor. In fact the method recommended by Flotex is ‘Flood & Scrub’ with water alone, no chemical or detergent is needed. The Duplex 420 with a specific Flotex setting and belt pick up system is the perfect machine for restoring Flotex; in addition it is also recommended by Karndean International.
The Duplex 420 floor scrubber is the most effective and efficient machine for cleaning large areas of Flotex. With the Duplex’s specialised dual cylindrical brush design the machine can scrub, wash and extract in a single pass. This means that aged and heavily soiled Flotex can be restored in minutes. A Duplex Steam Kit can also be attached for increased stain sanitation and decreased drying times.
* Given the high fibre density and solid backing of Flotex, hot water extraction units are not very efficient.

Avoid Chemicals

Left over detergent residue is the biggest cause of dull or dirty looking Flotex carpets. This is because detergent dries sticky and actually attracts dust which causes stains. To see if there is residue left in your Flotex carpet do a 'Suds Test' by pouring a glass of water on a soiled area and scrub with a brush. If suds appear you will need to remove suds by either flushing with water or by using the Flotex Fix It suds neutraliser available through the Duplex distribution network.

How to Clean Regupol

clean regupol floors in hospitals, nursing homes and aged care centres with our specially designed cleaning equipment- and safely sanitize your floor

Regupol is a rubber flooring that is popular in may industries for comfort, safety, accoustics and appearance. However, the profiled rubber surface is not mop friendly as the mop head can catch on the rubber and dirty water fills the pores. A better way to clean Regupol is with a scrubbing machine, prefereably a cylindrical brush machine that has a lifting action, that can penetrate into the Regupol profiled floor surface.

Ideal Duplex cleaning products for Regupol

Duplex has a range of cylindrical brush floor scrubbers including the world renowned Duplex 280/340/420/620, and the Salla 350/500. The ideal machine for Regupol will really depend on the size of area to be cleaned.
Small - The Duplex 280/340/420 are ideal in smaller areas as they are compact machines that are highly manoeuvrable and easy to use. Despite being compact in size these machines have incredible scrubbing efficiency and are ideal for either daily or periodic cleaning of Regupol.
Medium / Large - The Duplex 620 is ideal in medium to large sized areas as they are quite wide machines that are not overly heavy. These machines have incredible scrubbing power and cleaning efficiency with a performance rating up to 1500sqm/h.

How to clean Regupol with a Duplex 280/340/420/620

The cleaning method on Regupol will vary on level of soiling present.

How to Clean Greasy Floors

Greasy floor cleaning

Commercial kitchen staff and industrial workers often wonder how to clean greasy floors as wet mopping simply does not remove slippery soiling. This is because grease and oils simply spread with wet mopping alone and become a slip hazard when wet.
Better methods to remove greasy soiling from floors is with use of superheated steam vacuum or a floor scrubber used with degreaser. This is because both cleaning agents actively break down grease and oils.

Ideal Duplex cleaning products for greasy floors

Steam is especially ideal for removing greasy oily grime as it quickly cuts through the soiling emulsifying it into a liquid form. Once emulsified the greasy grime is simply vacuumed off the floor surface. Any of the Jetvac steam vacuums (Eco, Junior, Pro, Maxi, Major) with +150ºC steam are ideal, or Jetsteam steam cleaner (Tosca, Pro, Maxi) can also be used with a cloth to extract soiling.

Floor scrubbers used with degreasers are also good cleaning greasy floors as the brush with degreaser actively break up soiling. Cylindrical brush floor scrubbers like the Duplex range (280,340, 420, 620) or Salla range (350, 500, Steam) are ideal as the brushes actively lift soiling from the floor surface.

How to clean greasy floors with a JetSteam / JetVac

When cleaning greasy floors with a Jetvac use the a steam vacuum floor tool with a squeegee/brush insert combination. The method to clean will vary slightly depending on the level of soiling on the floor. Lightly soiled areas can be cleaned efficiently in long passes and heavily soiled floors in shorter concentrated passes.

Lightly Soiled - Clean lightly greased floors in long passes up to 4m at a steady speed. The idea is allow the steam enough time to melt the greasy soilings and the vacuum to simultaneously recover all the emulsified grime. Operating in longer laps will also provide better cleaning efficiency.

Heavily Soiled - Start by steaming a small area of about one meter squared until the greasy soiing is melted. Once melted turn on the vacuum to simultaneously steam and extract. This allows greasy soiling to be melted and extracted more efficiently as oily grease will not have time to reset. The result is a clean and dry floor in seconds. Repeat this process until the entire floor is clean.

How to Clean Industrial Floors

high temperature dry steam vapour is perfect for industrial floor cleaning and sanitizing highly trafficked floor surfaces

Cleaning industrial floor surfaces is usually a very time consuming task given the large physical size and amount of soiling. Generally industrial floor surfaces consist of hard surfaces like sealed concrete, expoxy painted concrete, saftey vinyl and checkerplate; but there are also some softer rubber safety surfaces like Regupol.
Another common issue with cleaning industrial floors in factories and warehouses is the use of outdated methods. All too often companies are having their workers clean large areas of industrial floor by traditional hand methods with a hose, broom and squeegee. This is time consuming, requires a lot of physical effort, waste water and does not produce very effective results.
The better way to clean industrial floors in large factories and warehouses is with a walk behind floor scrubber or a ride on floor scrubber in very large areas. Floor scrubbers are ideal as they simultaneously wash, scrub, rinse and dry floor surfaces in a single pass; making them more efficient and OH&S friendly.

Ideal Duplex cleaning products for industrial floors

The Salla 500 Max floor scrubber is ideal for cleaning of most industrial floor surfaces in factories and warehouses. The Salla 500 Max is a walk behind, battery powered, dual cylindrical brush, multi-purpose floor cleaner that can be used as either a floor scrubber, sweeper or portable wet/dry vacuum. Therefore you don’t get one machine; you get three machines in one. Better still it's built tough.
Although the Salla 500 MMax is only a medium sized machine it has a wide 500mm cleaning and large capacities. In fact these capacities in conjunction with walk behind battery powered operation provides the Salla 500 Max with a cleaning efficiency rating of 1500sqm/h. Given it has a +2hr battery life a lot of cleaning can be completed in a short amount of time. (Also see Salla 350 & Salla Steam).
Other Duplex floor scrubbers also commonly used to clean industrial floors are the Duplex 620. Both these machines have comparible cleaning paths and performance to the Salla 500 Max; but they have been designed more for commercial use where the Salla 500 is purely industrial.

How to clean industrial floors with a Salla

The method for cleaning industrial floors with a Salla 500 will vary depending on the amount and type of soiling. The type of brush may also change with different floor surfaces or soiling. Lightly soiled floors can be cleaned efficiently in single passes and heavily soiled floors may require a flood & scrub technique.

Lightly Soiled - With lightly soiled flooring the Salla 500 can be used as a scrubber dryer to simultaneously scrub a floor and extract the residue. Do this by having the water, brushes and vacuum running at once. The result is clean and dry floors in a single pass. The most efficient way to clean is also in long laps.

Heavily Soiled - For heavily soiled areas it is best to apply the flood & scrub technique. This requires using the Salla 500 in small areas with the water on and brushes on, but the vacuum off. By having the vacuum off water remains on the floor surface allowing the heavy soil to be broken up more efficiently by the brushes. Once the floor looks clean, turn on the vacuum to extract the dirty slurry. After doing a flood & scrub it is a good idea to rinse.

Greasy Soil - When cleaning greasy soiling with a floor scrubber use either citrus detergents or degreasers with flood & scrub technique. These can be either put in the clean solution tank or sprayed straight onto the floor. Generally pre-spraying detergents straight on to the floor can be more efficient. This is because water can be used in the machines clean solution tank to rinse remaining detergent residues off the floor.

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