Industry-specific Cleaning Equipment for Best Results


Our exclusive range of durable, commercial cleaning equipment is the ideal cleaning solution for many industries and environments. Our cleaning machines are especially well received in Australia’s healthcare, aged care, contractor, accommodation, food and beverage, hospitality, education, entertainment and automotive markets for effectively and efficiently solving a wide range of cleaning requirements.

Select your industry below- and click through to more specific information on cleaning. Learn about the best products to use, and optimum applications for our professional equipment.


The accommodation industry includes facilities such as hotels, inns and caravan parks. Bathroom, kitchen, floor and upholstery cleaning are just some of the most required cleaning applications. Specialist cleaning requirements, such as bed bug cleaning, can also be achieved with our steam cleaning equipment range.

Aged & Health Care

Hospitals, aged care facilities, medical clinics and dental clinics are some of our core customers. Due to our steam floorscrubbers and steam cleaning units producing a dry steam at +180 degrees Celsius, our equipment is renowned for killing all bacteria, providing a complete santisation and safeguarding against healthcare infection outbreaks.


The hospitality industry requires the highest standard of cleaning to prevent cross-contamination and food poison outbreaks. Ensure your café, restaurant or pub is free from bacteria. Take the labour, time and chemical-costs away from end of day bathroom, kitchen and floor cleaning.

Contract Cleaners

Contract cleaners across Australia vouch for and recommend Duplex Cleaning Machines’ equipment. Contract cleaners find our equipment provides premium cleaning results and produces a range of cleaning applications all in the one machine. This allows our contract cleaning customers to charge more for their services and generate ongoing referrals.

Education & Child Care

From carpet and bathroom cleaning to chewing gum and graffiti removal, our machines provide an end-to-end clean for schools, universities and childcare centres. Chemical-free, minimal water use and OH&S friendly.

Public Venues

Public venues are facilities where visitors and customers who attend these environments expect and demand a high level of hygiene and cleanliness. Cinemas, sporting venues and swimming pools centres can achieve a deep clean through our steam cleaning equipment and robust tools and accessories.


Industrial cleaning requires more than just your average clean machine. It requires power, high temperature steam and size appropriate equipment. Take a look at our range of floorscrubbers, sweepers and steam units to clean food manufacturing plants, warehouses and safety floors to name a few.

Transport & Car Detailing

Get a complete interior and exterior car clean. Using our steam vapourr car cleaning units, you can clean more cars in less time, eliminate interior drying time and save money on chemicals and water use. Ideal for vehicle cleaning in detailing shops, car dealerships, fixex and mobile car wash businesses and more.

Animal Facilities

Protect vulnerable pets and animal newborns through ensuring animals aren’t transferring disease or ingesting dangerous chemicals. Our all natural process steam cleaning units will santise vet clinics, shelters and kennels from cages to floors.

Above are simply the major industries that Duplex Cleaning Machines products are commonly used into. However, given the versatility of the Duplex product range there are machines to suit all industries. To further discuss your cleaning requrements contact Duplex Cleaning Machines on 1800 622 770.

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