Cleaning Machine Servicing and Maintenance

Servicing & Maintenance - Keep your machines cleaning better for longer

Like all machinery, Duplex Cleaning Machines products require regular maintenance and servicing to keep them in pristine operating condition. Therefore, at Duplex, we recommend that our cleaning machines be serviced twice per annum for floor scrubbers and once per annum for a steam cleaners.

Not only will regular servicing prolong the life of your machinery, but it will help improve the quality of the clean. When machinery is neglected over time many issues may arise affecting your clean. These include:

  • dirty or worn down brushes;
  • broken running gears;
  • blockages in hoses, tanks;
  • lime scale build up; and
  • general wear & tear.

Many commercial facilities also require regular equipment servicing to maintain OH&S certification standards. Therefore Duplex Cleaning Machines and our exclusive distributor network offer optional 3 year servicing agreements on all machines sold. These agreements are renewable for the lifetime of the machine and are highly recommended for machines that undergo daily use.

Onsite servicing may also be available your local Duplex Trained Service Distributor or Duplex trained technician.* To book for our onsite servicing, please submit the request for service form.

Select your machine type:

Duplex floor


For Duplex floor scrubber maintence procedures and an online video click here.

Steam cleaner


For JetSteam maintenance procedures and an online video click here.

Steam vac cleaner


For JetVac maintenance procedures and an online video click here.

Vacuum cleaner


For vacuum maintenance procedures and an online video click here (for Fastvac, CleanAir, Batvac 50, Vac 14).

* Please note - In Victoria Duplex Cleaning Machines only offers onsite servicing to machines with a current service agreement. Priority servicing is also given in the workshop to all machines with a current servicing agreement. Customers in all other states need to contact their local servicing agent for service details.

For details of your nearest service agent contact 1800 622 770 or email info(at)

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