Microfibre Cleaning Supplies, Accessories and Cloths

We supply a select range of microfibre cleaning cloths, microfibre mitts and microfibre mop heads that are perfect for use on their own or with our steam cleaners. These microfibre (microfiber) products are great for a wide variety of cleaning applications including bathroom cleaning, hard floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and furniture cleaning. Other popular uses for microfibre cleaning cloths include drying, dusting and polishing. Further information on microfibre cleaning cloths including characteristics, benefits, uses and cleaning is listed below the Duplex microfibre cloth product table below:

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Microfibre cloth, in 40cm square pre-cut pieces

40cm Square Microfibre Cloth

5 Pack


10 Pack


25 Pack


blue colored micro fibre mittens

Blue Microfibre Glove

5 Pack


10 Pack


25 Pack



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Product Microfibres

mop head, microfibre 400mm wide

400mm Microfibre Mop Head

mop head in microfibre, 300mm wide

300mm Microfibre Mop Heads

400mm cotton fringed mop head

400mm Cotton Fringe Mop Head

400mm wide microfibre mop heads in packs of 10

10pk 400mm Microfibre Mop Head

packs of 10 microfibre mop heads, 300mm wide

10pk 300mm Microfibre Mop Head

microfibre cloth- blue triangular

Blue Triangle Microfibre Cloth

What is Microfibre / Microfiber?

Microfibre, also spelt microfibre, is a man made synthetic textile fibre usually made of very fine nylon or polyester fibre strands of less than one denier; hence the term micro in microfibre.

Why use Microfibre?

Microfibre cloths are ideal for cleaning as they very soft yet durable, highly absorbent, stain resistant to oils and boast incredible cleaning power used wet or dry. Given these qualities Microfibre cloths / mop heads are great for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, floors, furniture, windows and a whole lot more.

Wet Cleaning

Microfibre cloths when lightly wet are great for all generally cleans and do not require chemicals. To clean wet the microfibre cloth, then squeeze out the excess water until damp and use the cloth as normal. Then see how the soiling is drawn deeper into the microfibre cloth than with traditional cloths.
Did you know a good quality microfibre cloth can actually hold seven times its own weight in water?

Dry Cleaning

Microfibre cloths are great when used dry for both dusting and polishing. For dry dusting the microfibre cloths produce a static charge that actively helps hold dust. For polishing microfibre is great for removing wax residue, producing a brilliant line free shine and it is also so soft that it will not scratch duco.

Washing Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre should be washed regularly to remove trapped soiling from within the woven fabric. The fabric is very durable so it is safe to wash a quality microfibre product up to 500 times if not more. For best microfibre cloth cleaning results follow these five steps:

  1. Hot Wash - hot wash microfibre cloths in temperatures of 60°C to 90°C; if your washing machine is not capable of washing at +60°C soak the microfibre cloths in boiling water before washing to disinfect.
  2. Detergents - Regular detergents or powders may be used but are generally unnecessary as soiling and stains should not penetrate nylon or polyester fibres.
  3. Wash Separately - Avoid washing microfibre with other fabrics as microfibre attracts lint residue.
  4. Fabric Softeners/Bleach– AVOID FABRIC SOFTENERS AND BLEACH as these can damage the synthetic fibres.
  5. Drying – Air dry microfibre cloths, DO NOT USE A DRYER.

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