Nightclub Cleaning

high powered steam cleaning equipment for cleaning public bars in nightclubs
high powered professional bathroom cleaning gear for nightclub bathrooms
contractor-grade cleaning machines, for use on corridors, floors and public areas with high traffic in nightclubs, discotheques and music venues

The nightclubs can use our Duplex steam cleaners to clean their bar area, bar utensils and accessories, as well as large area flooring without the need of dangerous chemicals and excessive water.

Quickly steam and disinfect at once all your bar equipment and bathrooms with Duplex industrial and steam machines. Leave the surfaces dry within only few seconds after cleaning.

Duplex steam machines and floorscrubbers are highly versatile, so that you can clean, disinfect and restore the surfaces simultaneously in many areas including:

  • Floors - any type of floor
  • Bathrooms
  • Urinals
  • Beer Filling Machines
  • Fridges
  • Bar and Hospitality Equipments
  • Walls
  • Storage Equipments


Duplex machines comes up with twin counter rotating brushes with 600,000 bristles moving at 650rpm. The Jetsteam and JetVac steam vacuum range are largely utilised for reducing water consumption and eliminating chemical use for a variety of cleans.


At the press of a button, Duplex steamers use +155°C superheated 94% dry steam to effortlessly clean, sanitise and deodorise all surfaces.


Very little water required ; our equipment uses under 3L of water per hour, allowing for great water savings and allowing for less waiting for equipment to dry. The treated surfaces dry instantly which eliminates the risk of slipping and falling on floors permitting the immediate use of the equipment.