Start a Cleaning Business that Adopts Technological Advancement

If you are one of the potential start-up founders or owners looking to start and building up new cleaning business soon as possible - whether it is for cleaning automotive and cars, bathrooms, kitchens, upholstery and accommodation, Duplex Cleaning is presenting an online workshop on how to start cleaning business with just five steps.

You can be part of the successful Duplex family business and grow your own cleaning business with Duplex.

Starting your own cleaning business with Duplex is easier and gives you great benefits such as:

  • Straight forward business model
  • Fast start-up and revenue flow
  • Low capital start-up cost of under $ 10k
  • Complete autonomy: Be Your Own Boss
  • Industrial/Commercial/Retail/Domestic Customers - Huge Market
  • Gain an edge over competitors
  • Fastest floor cleaning system available.

At Duplex, our market presence is more than 25 years being the industry leader in distributing cleaning equipment across Australia and Asia Pacific region.

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The Duplex brand is internationally recognised for its product innovation and advancement in the technological track record that eliminates germs, bacteria and control infection within Domestic/Residential, Accommodation, Aged Care, Education and Healthcare facilities.

Duplex business has also won numerous awards on international and local stages.

25 years of experience and award

Other cleaning business brands would lead you to a standard application such as tile grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, toilet and bathroom cleaning which is a norm in the domestic market. Now imagine the competition that is in that particular segment, you probably get burned out in no time due to a price war and limitation by the cleaning equipment that you owned.

At Duplex, our technologically advanced equipment allows you to be specialist in many areas such as cleaning of an escalator in the shopping mall, service lift of commercial offices, cleaning high-end retail kitchen within the hospitality industries, sanitising government laboratory and large area floor cleaning in the commercial public spaces. This specialised cleaning business that will earn you a six-digit figure a year.


Domestic/Residential Cleaning Business

Food and Beverage Industry

Food and Beverage Cleaning Business

Accommodation Industry

Accommodation Industry

Animal Care Industry

Animal Care Industry Cleaning Business

Education Industry

Education Industry Cleaning Business

Public Venues

Public Venues Industry Business

Winery Industry

Winery Industry Cleaning Business

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry Cleaning Business


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