Start a Bed Bug Removal and Mattress Sanitizing Business with our All-inclusive Package

The Bed Bug problem in Australia is rearing its ugly head and we are starting to see an increase in inquiries from various accommodation facilities looking for a solution to this growing problem. Steam Cleaner's are extremely easy to use and are undeniably the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs.

Duplex offers opportunity for you to acquire steam cleaning products to offer bed bug removal or mattress cleaning services to your customers.

With a Duplex mattress cleaning or bed bug removal package you get the opportunity to start your very own cleaning business where all the decisions and profit are yours. You can work as much as you like, where you like and when you like.

By investing in a Duplex mattress cleaning package you will be able to offer escalator cleaning in the following areas:

  • Domestic
  • Accommodation
  • Retail
  • Hospitals
  • Aged Care

A typical Duplex mattress cleaning / bed bug removal package consists of a steam cleaner/ steam vac cleaner, upholstery tool and microfibre pack.

Basic Package


Professional Package


Expert Package


For more information on the Duplex Start Up Mattress Cleaning / Bed Bug Removal Business Packages in Australia or New Zealand, call 1800 622 700 or complete online enquiry form

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