Interested in Starting a Cleaning Business Specializing in Chewing Gum Removal?

Chewing gum pollution and graffiti are growing epidemics all over Australia. Whether it be at the local shops, school grounds or at public transport hubs; chewing gum and graffiti can be found everywhere. Despite the eyesore created by this discarded gum and graffiti, they also bring opportunity for those individuals or organisations willing to clean it up.

Compared with traditional cleaning businesses chewing gum removal is considered a niche cleaning market. This means chewing gum removable businesses are more specialised, have less competition and generally charge a premium.

Although the customer base may not be as large or as frequent as other cleaning markets; niche jobs are much larger in value and customer retention is higher. This means you could earn a similar income for doing a whole lot less hours.

By starting a chewing gum removal business with Duplex products your customer base could include:

  • Schools / Universities
  • Night Clubs / Food Outlets
  • Cinemas / Theatres
  • Public Transport / Councils
  • Public Venues - Shops / Sports

Setting up your own chewing gum removal business with Duplex products is simple and affordable. With a single Duplex Jetvac or Steambox steam cleaner you will have all the tools you need to effectively and efficiently remove chewing gum from hard floors, carpet and furniture. Using steam a piece of gum can be completely removed in 5 seconds. This means that over 500 pieces of chewing gum could be removed in just under an hour. Better still as the Duplex Chewing Gum Remover systems use 94% dry steam they are safe to use indoors and not affected by water restrictions.

Basic Package


Professional Package


Expert Package


  • Jetvac Inox
  • Chewy Tool
  • Radames Kit
  • Steel and Nylon Brushes
  • BiVap Chemical

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