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How to best clean escalators is a question that is enough to send most cleaners mad. In the past they have been fully dismantled and manually cleaned by hand which takes a team many hours, if not days, to complete. Thankfully there is a simple solution that can put the nightmare question of 'How to Clean Escalators' to rest. This is the Duplex Escalator.

The Duplex Escalator is a purpose built machine for cleaning escalators. Unlike other machine for cleaning escalators the Duplex Escalator machine actually clean the escalator as it moves. This is possible through a patented guide rail system that allows the user to keep the machine operating smoothly in the one position. As escalators are cleaned whilst they move the Duplex Escalator 350/550 produce very efficient cleaning results.

With a Duplex Escalator Cleaning package you get the opportunity to start your very own escalator cleaning business where all the decisions and profit are yours. You can work as much as you like, where you like and when you like.

By investing in a Duplex escalator cleaning package you will be able to offer escalator cleaning in the following areas:

  • Shopping centres
  • Airports
  • Sports stadiums
  • Hospitals
  • Railway stations
  • Exhibition pavilions

A typical Duplex escalator cleaning package consists of a Duplex escalator cleaner machine and Aqua Tank.

Basic Package


Professional Package


Expert Package


For more information on the Duplex Start Up Escalator Cleaning Business Packages in Australia or New Zealand, call 1800 622 700 or complete online enquiry form

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