Information for New General Cleaning Business Founders

If you are looking to start your own cleaning business and are unsure of what type of cleaning business, why not start a general cleaning business that offers all types of cleaning services.

You may think setting up a general cleaning business will require a wide of cleaning equipment or machinery, but with as little as three Duplex products you will have the ability to provide complete cleaning services in domestic or commercial residencies.

Whether it be hard floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, upholstery cleaning, barbecue cleaning, curtain cleaning, car cleaning, wall cleaning or window cleaning; with these three products you will be able to effectively and efficiently complete them all.

A general start up cleaning business with Duplex products has many benefits including:

  • Diverse cleaning services
  • Increased service revenue
  • Better travel efficiency
  • Maximise time onsite
  • Frequent client interaction
  • Broader customer base.

Go into your own business as an owner-operator of a general cleaning company, and get everything you need in our all-inclusive starter package

Basic Package


Professional Package


For More information on Duplex Cleaning Machines Start up General Cleaning Business for sale, call 1800 622 700 or complete online enquiry form

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Duplex Cleaning machines will help you every step of the way to start a cleaning business. Find out about other start a cleaning business packages.

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