Starter Package for Self-employed Industrial Cleaners

Industrial cleaning is considered to be a niche cleaning market. However, this is really not the case as there are 10,000's of potential customers in numerous industrial markets who require regular cleaning services. The reason it's considered niche is simply because not many people opt to start a cleaning business this large. Therefore the competition is quite low and service charges are generally quite high.

Starting an industrial cleaning business is not that much more expensive than starting a typical domestic or commercial cleaning business. In fact, compared to some carpet cleaning truck mount set ups and cleaning franchises, the cost is much lower.

While the cost of industrial equipment may be slightly higher than commercial equipment, the potential revenue returns are much greater. The only draw back of industrial cleaning is that some customers will want plants cleaned after hours, on weekends or even over summer holidays.

By investing in a Duplex industrial cleaning package you will be able to offer:

  • Industrial floor cleaning
  • Industrial floor sweeping
  • Equipment degreasing
  • Equipment sanitising
  • Safety surface cleaning
  • General cleaning - walls etc

The Duplex range of industrial cleaning start up packages are unique. There are no franchise fees, no lengthy contracts or huge investment requirements. Instead, a Duplex package simply provides what you need to build your own successful industrial cleaning business. This includes quality industrial proven products, expert product training and the right advice to get you started on the right foot.

A typical Duplex industrial cleaning business package consists of a Salla floor scrubber/sweeper/vacuum and a Jetsteam/Jetvac steam cleaner with various accessories. The Salla floor scrubber/sweeper/vacuum is perfect for cleaning and sweeping large areas of industrial floor. The Jetsteam/Jetvac steam cleaners are ideal for chemical free cleaning of equipment, walls, bathrooms, kitchen and much more.

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Professional Package


Expert Package


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