Cleaning Tiles and Grout- Business Startup Package

If you are looking to start a tile & grout cleaning business look no further as Duplex Cleaning Machines have a package for you. The Duplex range of tile cleaning packages for sale are unique.

There are no franchise fees, no lengthy contracts or huge investment requirements. Instead, a Duplex package simply provides what you need to build your own successful business. Quality products, expert training and the right advice. Therefore a Duplex package provides the opportunity to start your very own run as you please tile cleaning business where all the decisions and profit are yours.

Work as much as you like, where you like, and when you like. It's your business; we simply provide the equipment needed to do the job properly and advice to get you started.

By investing in a Duplex tile cleaning package you will be able to offer:

  • Floor tile & grout deep cleaning
  • Wall tile & grout cleaning
  • Stone floor cleaning
  • Safety surface cleaning
  • Even carpet cleaning

A typical Duplex tile cleaning package consists of a Duplex floor scrubber and Jetsteam/Jetvac steam cleaner with various accessories. The Duplex floor scrubber with a versatile dual cylindrical brush design is simple to use and perfect for cleaning floor tiles, stone floors, safety floors, rubber floors and even carpet. The Jetsteam/Jetvac steam cleaners with are ideal for blasting clear grout lines and cleaning wall tiles.

Basic Package


Professional Package


Expert Package


For more information on the Duplex Start Up Tile Cleaning Business Packages in Australia or New Zealand, or the great range of Duplex tile cleaning equipment, call 1800 622 700 or complete online enquiry form

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Duplex Cleaning machines will help you every step of the way to start a cleaning business. Find out about other start a cleaning business packages.

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