Upholstery Cleaning Business Startup Essentials- Tools, Training and Guidance

In Australia and New Zealand every house and just about every commercial building contains upholstery. Although there has always been a strong demand for carpet cleaning services, this has not always been the case for upholstery cleaning.

However, this is starting to change as more people are realising how much time is spent sleeping on mattresses, relaxing on sofas, sitting in office chairs, and driving in cars; and then realising how rarely, if ever, they are cleaned. It is for this reason these surfaces are generally hives for bacteria and grime.

With a Duplex package you get the opportunity to start your very own run as you please upholstery cleaning business where all the decisions and profit are yours. You can work as much as you like, where you like and when you like.

By investing in a Duplex upholstery cleaning package you will be able to offer:

  • Sofa Cleaning & Sanitising
  • Mattress Cleaning & Sanitising
  • Curtain Cleaning & Sanitising
  • Office & Dining Chair Cleaning
  • Car Interior Cleaning

A typical Duplex upholstery cleaning package consists of a Jetvac steam vacuum system with various upholstery tools. The Jetvac machines are perfect for cleaning upholstery as +155°C superheated 94% dry steam melts grime while the vacuum simultaneuosly extracts, the fabric is not over wet, and the temperature thermally sanitises. No matter whether the upholstery be made of textile fabric, suede, leather or vinyl; the Jetvac will effectively clean, sanitise and deodourise them all.

Basic Package


Professional Package


Expert Package


For more information on the Duplex Start Up Upholstery Cleaning Business Packages in Australia or New Zealand, or the great range of Duplex upholstery cleaning equipment, call 1800 622 700 or complete online enquiry form

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