Steam Pressure

The Steam Pressure is the most powerful portable dry vapor steam cleaner on the market.

Combining the power of + 180C super heated 94% dry steam and 50-100C hot water blasting at up to 150 bar pressure; the STEAM PRESSURE can clean and degrease hard surfaces in seconds. NO SCRUBBING AND NO CHEMICALS.

The Steam Pressure is extremely versatile, being used for many cleaning applications including; facility cleaning, production cleaning equipment, disinfection, cleaning small components and tubes, cleaning and disinfecting bottling lines, and many more.

Steam Pressure

Advantages of Steam Pressure:

  • Easy transport
    With wheels on the base of the machine, the Steam Pressure can be transported or carried very easily from one location to another, this of course makes each unit that much more practical and useful.
  • Extremely Safe
    The Steam Pressure produces dry steam with little humidity which means this reduces the risk of burns.
  • Green environment friendly and cost-effective
    The Steam Pressure only needs basic tap water to be able to produce the powerful steam that allows for your cleaning applications. With the Duplex Steam Pressure, you do not need expensive chemicals anymore.

Ideal for indoor use as it is electrical powered.

How steam pressure works
Steam Pressure Technology

Replaceable Heating Elements:

Save money with replacable elements because our Tecnovap® machines are designed with simple twist out elements, allowing for a quick, easy and inexpensive replacement.

Replacable Heating Elements

Automatic refilling steam cleaners:

Allowing for not only continuous use but also a special technology that provides a constant water level, resulting in constant pressure and temperature, meaning a more consistent steam production.

Refilling Boiler

Self cleaning boilers:

Our Tecnovap® machines are designed with an electromagnetic float system to effectively clean scale, allowing you to use regular tap water.

self-cleaning boiler element

Variable pressure control on the handle:

The variable steam pressure control integrated on the control handle in the Steam Pressure allows easy use of various steam pressures between minimum, medium and maximum, depending on the desired application.

Variable Pressure control

Stainless steel body and boiler:

The Steam Pressure is designed and built with quality, and durability in mind. Our Tecnovap boilers are built with the highest quality AISI 304 Stainless Steel implementing TIG welds, the same technology used in aircrafts, to provide you with the most dependable and safe steam cleaner boiler available today.

Stainless Steel Body

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Unique Features
Steam Pressure


Superheated Dry Steam Vapour

Not your average steamer.
Steam is produced at a high temperature of +180 degrees Celsius at up to 10 bar pressure or up to 150 Bar Hot water blasting, providing a "deep clean". All surfaces, including upholstery, furniture and more are left dry within minutes due to its 5% water content.

Superheated dry steam

Debris blaster

Debris Blaster

Hot H20 blasting flushes away debris and build up.

A Mind of Its Own

The advanced digital control panel features a unique timer, allowing for your machine to automatically "wake up" and operate by itself.
The easy-to-use control panel also features digital temperature reading, steam pressure and water connection indicator.

Advanced digital control panel

Industrial strength cleaning tools

Versatile Industrial Strength Tools

A tool for every job. Our robust and durable accessories perform industrial, barrel, vat, tank and bottling line cleaning all in the one compact unit.

24/7 Continuous Steam

Our easy "connect and go" feature allows for a hose to be plugged directly into the machine providing a 24/7 continuous water supply.
No cleaning downtime, no stopping to fill up your machine.

Continuous Steam

Self Cleaning Boiler

Self Cleaning Powerhouse

At the heart of every great machine is the boiler. This boiler automatically shakes off and breaks up dirt to self clean.

How Steam Pressure Works


How it works:

The Steam Pressure is the most powerful portable dry vapor steam cleaner on the market. You can transport the machine easily as the Steambox comes up with the wheels. The Steam Pressure also features continuous fill allowing for connection to a water hose so you can use the machine 24/7 with continuous steam and continuous pressure and never face downtime.

how steam pressure works

Additional Tools and Accessories

Standard Accessories for the Steam Pressure

Geyser Kit

  • · Geyser Hose
  • · Geyser Lance 800mm
  • · Geyser Lance 400mm (optional)
  • · Flat Nozzle
  • · Nozzle Connection
  • · Stainless Steel Brush
  • · Triangular Brush (optional)
Image of Geyser kit

Geyser Kit

Industrial Steam Geyser Hose

Geyser Hose

Geyser Lance 800mm tool

Geyser Lance 800mm

Geyser Lance 400mm

Geyser Lance 400mm

Flat Nozzle

Flat Nozzle

Nozzle Connection

Nozzle Connection

Stainless Steel Brush

Stainless Steel Brush

Triangular Brush

Triangular Brush

our cleaning machines and steam vacuum cleaners meet smart approved water mark criteria

Duplex now have the "Smart Approved WaterMark" stamp

Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia’s water conservation label. This allows businesses to purchase products that save water, and actively engage in the efficient use of water. Our Duplex machines are the first of its kind steam generators and multi-floor cleaners to feature the Smart Approved WaterMark stamp. Learn more

Technical specs


Steam Pressure

Stainless Steel Boiler AISI 304
Pressure 30-150 Bar
Water Flow 2 to 11 Litres per min
Temperature 50 to 100°C
Boiler Volume 11-12, 5-14 Litre
Water Tank Volume 50 L
Direct Water Connection YES
Detergent Tank 20 Litre
Operating Pressure 10 Bar
Steam Temperature 180°C
Detergent Temperature 90-145°C
Power Supply 400 V - 50/60 Hz
Weight 114 Kg


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