Title and Grout Cleaning Equipment

Here's our range of steam cleaning equipment for optimum performance on ceramic tiles, tiled floors and walls in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. These machines will clean any type of tile- ceramic, terra-cotta and slate. Use any machine from our range to clean grout- powerful steam vapour removes mould and gets rid of the stains and bacteria lurking within the grouting. Restore that even colored look and freshess to grout lines within public bathrooms, motel bathrooms or facilities within schools, hostels, hospitals and chid-care centres. Clean tiled areas in kitchens- including floors, walls and splash backs. Our commercial cleaning equipment is perfect for use on tiled entry halls, pre dinner areas within hotels, restaurants and function venues.

Restore Cleanliness to All Types of Tiles

Our equipment is suitable for cleaning all classes of tiles. From Class 1 tiles which are typically used on walls or surfaces which don't bear any weight- to the robust Class 5 tiles designed for heavy foot traffic, you can clean with confidence, using a Duplex machine. Dry steam vapour works perfectly indoors on vitreous tiles as used in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and 'wet areas'. It's equally effective cleaning outdoor frost-resistant non-vitreous tiles too. The machines featured here work equally well on ceramic tiles, terra cotta tiles, as well as faux wood, porcelain, marble granite and pebble & stone tiles. Profiled tiles can harbour dirt, mould and bacteria in the relief of the tile. High pressure steam vapour leaves the machine at between 4 bar and 16 bar pressure, depending on the equipment. This is more than enough pressure to blast dirt out of crevices, pores and penetrate all profiled tile surfaces.

Suitable for Cleaning All Tiled Surfaces

Use these machines to remove scuff marks, dirt, mould and stains from any tiled surface. Powerful superheated dry steam vapour penetrates into the pores of grout lines, tiles and wraps around the contoured relief to kill all mould, fungus and bacteria. Tiles are cleaned in seconds, and the 160 Degrees Celsius steam vapour ensures nothing it comes into contact with, survives.

Sanitize Grouting, and Grout Lines

Use our tile cleaning equipment to remove old dirt, mould fungus or stains from grouting, or grout lines with remarkable ease, when compared to scrubbing with a brush and hot water. The high exit pressure of the steam from our commercial cleaning machines makes light work of grout line cleaning, and ensures grout stays clean each time you wash the tiles.

Jetsteam Maxi

clean tiles and grout effectively with our commercial cleaning machine designed for the job

A cleaning machine suited to cleaning all tiled surfaces and grout lines, especially Class 5 tiles in high traffic volume areas. The mould dissolving power of dry steam vapour makes light work of stained grout lines and dirty tiles.

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Jetsteam Tosca

commercial cleaning equipment for professionals who remove mold from tiles and grouting

A highly portable commercial cleaning machine, designed for use on tiles and grout lines. It has the ability to work in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries. Easy to use, and nimble to transport- this machine is perfect for light commercial use.

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Jetsteam Evo

clean tiles, sanitize grout by removing mold, with this professional equipment designed for commercial cleaners

Portable commercial cleaning machine, ideal for use on smaller jobs where grouting and tiles need to be cleaned quickly. The Jetsteam Evo is ready in an instant if you simply add water to it as levels drop. Ideal for contractors to use when cleaning tiles on domestic jobs.

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Jetvac Junior

contractor-grade cleaning equipment with detergent injection, for tiles and grout lines

A wet-dry vacuum cleaning system, featuring hot water injection for a rapid 'on demand' boost in dirt extraction. Get more power when cleaning heavily stained, rust-streaked or soiled tiles. Dissolve mould from grout.

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We make commercial tile and grout cleaning equipment designed for use by contractors and professional cleaners whose livelihoods depend on outstanding results.
Contact Us for more information, prices or to arrange a demonstration. Simply send us an email or call us on 1800 622 770 to speak to one of our friendly customer service and sales representatives today.


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