University & TAFE Cleaning Solutions

steam cleaning equipment sanitizes public areas and touch points of educational facilities
use high temperature dry steam vapour to clean and sanitize auditoriums, lecture rooms and meeting areas
machinery powered by dry steam vapour used for cleaning interiors of tertiary education facilities

Given the physical size of most Australian University and TAFE campuses a great emphasis needs to be placed on choosing efficient cleaning equipment. This is because everyday there are corridors, classrooms, lectures halls, libraries, cafeterias and many other large areas that require cleaning.

In addition to efficiency, effectiveness is also important to provide students with a clean learning environment and the campus with a professional academic image. At Duplex we understand this need and have been supplying universities with an exclusive range of efficient cleaning solutions for 20 years.

At Duplex we supply a range of steam cleaners and floor cleaners that are perfect for use in university and TAFEs. Our systems are fast, effective, easy to use and are especially ideal for:


  • Removing stains from mats and carpets,
  • Daily classroom and lecture room vacuuming,
  • Cleaning, disinfecting and deodourising toilets,
  • Eliminating the need for hazardous chemicals.
  • Chewing Gum & Graffiti Removal



The Jetsteam Maxi is also great for improving OH&S as it eliminates the repetitive injuries, slips and chemical use associated with the old mop & bucket. The Jetsteam and JetVac steam vacuum range are largely utilised for reducing water consumption and eliminating chemical use for a variety of cleans.


At the press of a button, Duplex steamers use +155°C superheated 94% dry steam to effortlessly clean, sanitise and deodorise all surfaces.


Be prepared for any unfortunate outbreaks with Duplex steamers that can effectively and efficiently decontaminate textile surfaces. AS 4187 states ‘Moist heat in the form of steam under pressure is the most dependable, fast and economical method for the destruction of microbial life’.