Equipment for Cleaning Wine Barrels Effectively

What is a Bacchus Steam System - Wine Barrel Cleaning?

Bacchus is a product especially created for steam cleaning and sterilization of bottling production lines with or without micro filtration (with steam pressure from 0,2 to 6 bar). Continuous steam flow, direct connection for water supply and low voltage control panel. Wine barrels can be cleaned and sterlised with Bacchus Steam cleaner without using any chemicals, saving you on wastewater treatment, time and money. Ideal for medium to large wineries, where the Bacchus Steam System cleans up to 150 barrels per day.


Bacchus Steam System Technology

Steam Cleaning of Wine Barrels:

sterilize oak barrels, remove leftover wine, cleanse brettanomyces, with high temperature steam vapour The use of steam in the bottling line assures a complete kill rate in the whole system from the membrane filter to the fill spouts. The fact that the bottling line reaches disinfecting temperatures faster and reaches a higher temperature means the process is much shorter saving a great deal of time in the sterilization process. The process only takes 15 minutes of time once a minimum temperature of over 100ºC is reached. The whole process is done without a single chemical, meaning no wastewater to treat.

The use of dry vapor steam machines permits an impressive financial savings on wastewater treatment and chemical use.

The elevated temperature of the steam allows for a much faster cleaning process of the barrels, melting the tartrates in a fraction of the time than it takes with hot water, all while resulting in massive savings in water consumption. The vapor property of dry steam allows for the pores of the wood to be opened, releasing not only tartrates but also old wine and bitter tannins that have been absorbed inside the wood. The whole process revitalizes the wood barrels while being safe on the char of the oak.

The Advantages of Wine Barrel Cleaning using Bacchus System:

After decanting, proceed and rinse using a high pressure machine and cold water, duration of steam cycle depending on the age and status of the barrel, proceed again and rinse with cold water.


  • • Cleaning, detartrating and disinfection of barrels
  • • Removal of Bretanomyces from the wood fibers.
  • • Complete releasing of scale from the barrel's walls.
  • • Detartrating and disinfection of the barrel with only one operation.

The added benefits beyond cleaning are the powerful ability to rehydrate the oak barrels during storage and also the cleaning process creates a natural vacuum on the barrel, after inserting a bung into the hole you will be able to quickly test the barrel for leaks.

water is heated into super-hot dry steam vapour, this santizes oak wine barrels and kills all contaminants
outcomes of a well implemented wine barrel cleaning program

Ideal Industries for Bacchus Steam System:

Engineering Systems

use powerful steam vapour to remove oil or grease from conveyors which transport parts or components within engineering facilities

Food and Beverage

bottling line sanitizing, yeast removal and decontaminating is easy, using pressurised, high temperature steam vapour


commercial cleaning equipmnent sanitises winery bottling lines, using high temperature, pressurised steam vapour

Vaporisation and cleaning of wine barrels using Bacchus Steam System:

steam diffuser is placed within a wine barrel to sanitise internal surfaces and remove brettanomyces

Steam diffuser inside a barrel

powerful pressurised steam is vapourising within an oak wine barrel, removing all tartrates and conntaminants

Vaporisation of a barrel for approx 1 minute

using steam vapour to clean lines in wine bottling

Steam cleaning of a line with micro filtration


  • • Innovative and 100% natural process without the usage of chemicals.
  • • Does not emit dangerous smokes into the atmosphere, usable also in closed environments.
  • • No need of special permissions or patents for the usage of our equipments.
  • • Rapid start-up of the boiler (about 5 min).
  • • Machine with trolley, easy to move as space-saving.
  • • Ensures long life to the microfiltration cartridges.

Sanitizing Tanks and Removing Tartrates

Tartrates and other substances commonly cling to the walls of storage tanks, with the simple connection of the Bacchus system to the storage tank the steam melts away all residues and tartrates and the condensation allows for them to drain out the bottom of the tank.

A quick rinse with cold water causes a thermo-shock removing any remaining residue from the walls.

After only 15 minutes the tank is completely sterilized without the use of caustic or other harsh chemicals, greatly reducing water consumption wastewater treatment. With the Bacchus steam cleaning system there is no need for anyone to enter the tanks anymore, saving precious manpower, time and money.

using superheated dry steam vapour to sanitise filtration tanks, followed by a thermal shock with a cold water rinse




Storage Cleaning


Storage Cleaning

Tank Cleaning


powerful blasts of dry steam vapour used in cleaning wine tanks

Wine Barrel Cleaning


cleaning barrels used in wineries, with powerful dry steam vapour sterilises them and removes contaminants

Winery Equipment


steam vapour under high pressure santisies winery barrels and equipment

Vats Cleaning


securing the steam cleaning equipment to the vat, with an industrial grade steel connection

Bottling Lines


leftover wine and contaminants expelled from bottling lines, using superheated dry steam under pressure



Ideal Machines for Wine Barrel Cleaning

powerful commercial grade steam cleaning equipment, for cleaning wine barrels and removing brettanomyces

Accessories for Bacchus Steam System - Wine Barrel Cleaning

Geyser Kit + Bacchus Hose

To clean tanks from wine scale

  • • Geyser Hose
  • • Bacchus Hose
  • • Geyser Lance 800mm
  • • Geyser Lance 400mm
  • • Flat Nozzle
  • • Nozzle Connection
  • • Stainless Steel Brush
  • • Triangular Brush
full set of accessories, geyser kit

Geyser Kit

geyser hose accessory

Geyser Hose

geyser lance 800mm- accessory

Geyser Lance 800mm

400mm geyser lance accessory

Geyser Lance 400mm

flat nozzle accessory

Flat Nozzle

accessory connection nozzle geyser kit

Nozzle Connection

geyser kit accessory- metal brush

Stainless Steel Brush

geyser kit accessory- triangular brush

Triangular Brush

Optional Accessories for the Wine Barrel Steam Cleaning

July Kit

  • · Steam Hose
  • · Extension Tubes
  • · Lance
  • · Large Triangle Tool
  • · Large Rectangle Tool
  • · Window Tool
  • · Small Triangle Brush
  • · Round Nylon Brush
  • · Suction Nozzle
  • · Scraper
  • · Steel Pad
  • · Small Nylon Brush
  • · Small Stainless Brush
  • · Small Brass Brush
set of july kit steam cleaning accessories

July Kit

Steam Hose

Floor tool

Floor Tool

Triangular Brush

Triangle brush

window cleaner tool

Window Tool

Extension tubes

Extension Tubes

Steam Lance tool

Steam Lance

Brass brush and stainless Steel brush

Brass & Steel Brushes

Large Nylon Brush

Large Nylon Brush

Small Nylon Brush tool

Small Nylon Brush

Triangular Nylon Brush tool

Triangular Nylon Brush

Plunger Tool

Plunger Tool

Steam Scraper Tool

Scraper Tool

Additional Accessories

Additional Accessories

garola connection for wine barrel sanitising

Garolla Connection

steam diffusion rod, for use in cleaning wine making equipment

Steam Diffuser

electric pressure washer for cleaning winery equipment

Electric Pressure Washer

accessory manual timer box, used to control equipment run times

Manual Timer Box

winery cleaning equipment can be time-managed using the digital timer box

Digital Timer Box

resin water softening cartridges

Water Softener Cartridge with resins

Technical specs


Bacchus Steam System

Boiler AISI 304
Body Stainless Steel BA
Boiler Output 36 kW - 28,8 kW - 21,6 kW
Watertight IPX5
Steam Production 970 / 194 g/min
Water Tank 20L
Operating Pressure 6 Bar
Steam Temperature 165°C
Power Supply 400 W - 50/60 Hz
Power Cord 8m
Weight 63 kg
Packaging 60 x 90 x 115cm
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